Maura Schreier-Fleming Instructor Information

Sales Consultant, Author


Maura Schreier-Fleming founded Best@Selling in 1997. Maura is a versatile, results-oriented speaker, sales trainer and sales consultant who has worked with numerous large and mid-sized clients to improve sales performance. She is the author of Monday Morning Sales Tips and Real-World Selling for Out-of-This World Results. Maura works with business and sales professionals who want to get better results from their work.

Maura contributes her sales expertise so clients can shorten sales cycles, increase profits, and increase productivity. She is a sales expert with Allbusiness.com and writes a sales blog for sales professionals.  Allbusiness.com has over 600,000 readers each month who are looking for new ideas to sell more now.

Maura’s presentations focus on the skills and strategies that improve sales, teamwork and management. Her clients enjoy her approach that makes learning practical and effective. She identifies sales strengths and gaps and implements solutions for improving sales performance through specific sales training. She has considerable experience with selling and the sales process having spent over 20 years in the oil business. Her customers included Bell Helicopter, Northeast Utilities, Georgetown Steel, Stanley Works, General Tire and other commercial customers. She sold over $9 million of industrial lubricants her last year in the oil business. As a sales catalyst, Maura has designed and developed many highly effective training courses and brings a broad base of experience to her clients and sales consulting. Clients include the Houston Texans, Chevron, Ebby, JCPenney, the New York Press Association and others.