Professional development for finance, accounting, HR, sales and marketing that ensures professionals acquire the right capabilities to build great careers and deliver extraordinary results for their companies.


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Illumeo Expertise Management is a revolutionary new approach to professional learning; better than an LMS, and much better than telling your people "go find some courses and take them."

Via Expertise Management you rapidly assess a person's competencies, compare to benchmarks, allow our AI engine to recommend just the right courses, and build personalized professional development for each employee. Let us show you how simple it is...

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Leading companies know that managing and developing expertise is key to building productive teams filled with highly engaged professionals.

With over 250,000 hours of highest quality training delivered, Illumeo is working with people and organizations like yours, right now. Contact us now to arrange a demo, so you can see how it will turbo-charge your business.

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Your Business, Your Function

To become an expert, you need to learn from experts. Illumeo courses are developed and presented by professionals with an average of over 20 years' real-world experience. And companies can easily load their own courses to capture and share critical corporate knowledge.

We cover the core professional disciplines of Finance, HR, Marketing and Sales. Whatever you need to know to be an expert at your job, you can find it here.

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Experts Do More

Do you need to hire a consultant for that project or do you already have an expert in-house? Would you know if you did? Do you have someone who's one step away from what you need, and could quickly learn enough to close the gap?

With Illumeo, you quickly know who is – or could be – that expert. You get the professional development needed to shift yourself or anyone else into expert status. And you get the visibility you need to ensure you and your team get the job done right, right now.

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Solutions to Fit Your Needs

Professional Development isn't a one-size-fits-all proposition. Illumeo solutions help you solve real-world challenges including

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Whether working independently, or as part of a team, any professional can become an expert using the Illumeo Expertise Management platform.

Experience the power of Expertise Management by signing up for a personal account, with our no-questions-asked 30-day money-back guarantee, a free corporate pilot, or join us at a live webinar, to see one of our amazing courses in real-time.