About Illumeo

The leading online provider of Expertise Management solutions, Illumeo works with corporate professionals and organizations to build the skills and capabilities that help everyone be an expert at their job.

Based in Silicon Valley, CA, Illumeo serves thousands of corporate professionals across Finance, Human Resources, Sales and Marketing. The platform offers assessments, industry-benchmarked analyses, hundreds of expert-developed courses, collaborative tools, and the ability to self-publish internal courses that promote institutional knowledge.

  • Tap in to hundreds of immediately available, "on demand" courses taught by professional leaders with more than 20 years' experience on average
  • Participate in one of our regular live webinars on timely topics
  • Quickly assess and evaluate your own, or your team's, capabilities, and benchmark against specific job roles
  • Become an instructor yourself, and help to build the next generation of experts

Illumeo is the place for expertise management. We are dedicated to the proposition that everyone can be an expert at their job.