Illumeo's 2018 "Awesome Dozen" Totally Free Trial

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You're looking at our free “Awesome Dozen” course trial bundle and we think you’re in for a treat. Included are twelve great courses from twelve great instructors covering Excel, leadership, finance, accounting, sales, marketing and career topics.

These 2018 top-rated courses are each roughly one hour in length, bring top-notch educational material and instruction, and give you a great taste for the quality and depth of Illumeo's offering.

There is no CPE offered for the free trial, but if you like the courses you tried, simply subscribe to Illumeo, go back to the courses and take their tests to get your CPE. It's quick and simple.

You can also take advantage of Illumeo's 100+ free CPE webinars.

There are absolutely no strings attached. Just click to register and start learning today!

Excel Pivot Tables Forensic Accounting Statement of Cash Flows Preparing Financial Statements Organization Leadership The Perfect Introduction Financial Modeling Accounts Payable Operations How to Deal with Difficult People Excel Shortcuts Introduction to Payroll Accounting Roadmap to Career Success

12 Courses


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no registration required
Duration: 14 Hours

Requirements: Most of these courses are without prerequisites, although some familiarity with basic practices will be helpful.

Method: Online, anytime, any device

Testing: Unlimited online attempts of exams at end of each course. Must pass each course with a score of 70% or better to receive certification. Tests are online and not proctored.


Is this package of courses really free?

Yes it is. It's free as heck! We don't ask for a credit card or any form of payment. Simply register on the site to access the courses.

Do I get access to the rest of Illumeo as well?

Yes you do. All of the "individual" user features of the platform are there for you: assessments, our awesome course recommendation engine, and building your own, custom learning plan. The only thing that would cost extra is if you want access to the rest of our huge library of courses and the CPE that comes with them, which you access through our regular, incredibly inexpensive subscription.

If I try this out, where do I learn about using the platform?

It's easy. Go to our video guides and FAQ page and we lay it all out for you. Couldn't be simpler. Enjoy!