Frequently Asked Questions: Learning on Illumeo

How many courses do you offer?
Over 1,500 and more are added every week. Take a look at the entire list.
How long does the subscription last?
Illumeo Individual Subscriptions last a full 365 days.
Are all "on-demand" courses part of the subscription?
Most are, but not all. There are a few dozen (<2%) of our more than 1,000 courses that are marked, "Premium Course", and those courses are not included in the regular course subscription on Illumeo and must be purchased separately.
What are "Premium Courses"?
A few dozen (<2%) courses on the Illumeo platform are only available to purchase on a standalone basis or as part of a premium package of courses, such as our certificate programs. These courses are clearly marked "Premium Course" in the course library, and if you click into such a course you will see that they are only available to purchase on a standalone basis, but not as part of the standard Illumeo subscription. This is done for a variety of reasons, but typically it is due to an agreement with a particular instructor or content-rights-holder requiring Illumeo to pay for the rights to that course separately, which has us passing that cost on directly to the course buyer, precluding us from including it in our standard course subscription. This is fundamentally about respecting the intellectual property of our content creators, which we fully support.

On a related note, we do not allow users to 'cobble together' a certificate program using a regular Illumeo subscription and buying the premium courses on a standalone basis. This reduces the payout first and foremost to the instructor(s) who built the certificate program and we will not support it. In order to earn a certificate on Illumeo you must purchase the certificate program itself. Without that financial incentive for the instructor, the certificate program would not have been built in the first place.
How do you ensure the high quality of course content?
All courses are designed specifically for corporate professionals and adhere to our quality standards. Each course is assessed at ten points during its development by at least two experienced subject matter experts. Further, we constantly review end user ratings. Any course that does not sustain a rating of 4-stars or higher after a 'trial' period is removed from the platform.
Can I preview courses before buying?
Every course has a free preview. Anyone can watch the preview lesson for any course to get a feel for the instructor and the content.

In addition, Illumeo has a free, 12-course trial. You can find those courses here. They don't include CPE credit, but they give you great education and a good sample of the variety and quality of Illumeo courses.
How do I enroll in a course?
Subscribers can enroll in any course. Simply browse our course listings, select the course you wish to take, then click the button that says "Enroll In This Course".
How do I access course content?
After enrolling in a course, access materials via the "Course Syllabus" on the right side of the main course page. Click on any lesson to open a page with access to lesson content. The content may be a combination of video and supplementary materials like PowerPoint, Excel, or PDF files. Most courses also have a Review Quiz and Final Exam. Simply click your way through each section to complete the course. Revisit any section at any time. Be sure to check the box as you complete lessons along the way.
Can I view the course at any time?
Yes you can! Our courses are delivered in a flexible, on-demand format available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, accessible via any smartphone, tablet or computer with a web connection. Watch, pause, fast-forward, or view enrolled courses as many times as you want, whenever you want.
As a Subscriber, how long do I have to access to my enrolled course?
You have access to the course for the life of your paid subscription. You can gain permanent access, excepting any course that is subsequently removed from the Illumeo platform by action of Illumeo or one of its instructors, to any course once you pass the course’s final exam and provide a valid course review.
What is considered a "valid" review for a course?
A valid review for a course includes both a "star rating" and a minimum of 20 words of descriptive text that would be helpful to someone else who is considering taking the course. Reviews such as "Great course" and "I took the course and found it informative" would not be considered valid because they are too short and are not helpful to a potential course taker.
Can I suggest a course or course topics?
Yes, we would love to hear your ideas for courses. Thank you for doing this! We want to hear from you about what instruction you want to see on Illumeo.
Is there a simple way to view and track all of my courses?
Yes, every Illumeo member has a Development Plan to view all enrolled courses and their progress toward completion.
What are Illumeo's Professional Certificate Programs?
Illumeo's Certificate Programs are collections of online courses and related course materials that provide a deep, focused learning experience to build building expertise in corporate professionals. The curricula for Illumeo Certificate Programs typically include many hours of courses, many tests of knowledge taken along the way, and related learning materials. The goal for these programs is to build significant knowledge in learners who are new to a subject, or to build deep expertise in those already familiar with the topic.
How do I sign up for a Certificate Program?
Simply find the Certificate Program you are interested in by visiting our main course catalog or look at our Certificate Programs solutions page. From those pages you can see our entire selection of Certificate Programs and click in to any program to learn more about it. Once you find one you want to enroll in, simply click the purchase button right on the Certificate Program listing page and you will be led through the purchase process. Corporate buyers wishing to purchase Certificate Programs for a number of employees can contact for volume pricing and corporate purchase options.
Do I need to be an Illumeo subscriber to purchase a Certificate Programs?
You do not need to be a subscriber to purchase a Certificate Programs. However, discounts are typically available to subscribers, so you will want to look at the subscriber rates and the benefit of having access to Illumeo's subscriber-accessible courses when you make your buying decision. Discount rates are shown on every Certificate Program's main information page.
What do I get when I purchase a Certificate Program?
Most importantly, you will receive deep, relevant knowledge from a subject-matter-expert practitioner. You will get that via the Certificate Program's on demand instructional content, along with any supporting learning materials the instructor deemed important for Certificate Program-takers. Having completed all of the Certificate Program's courses and passed all tests, you will receive a certificate of completion that clearly shows the program you took and passed. You will also have permanent access to all courses and related content in the Certificate Program with the exception of any courses pulled and/or replaced by the instructor or Illumeo, which most typically, but not exclusively, happens due to updated materials reflecting regulatory or business practice updates. In addition, many of the Certificate Programs include materials that provide qualified continuing education credits for certain certified professionals such as CPA and others. Please check out the Certificate Program home page and specific course listings for more details on CPE and related credits.
Can I 'cobble together' a Certificate Program using a regular subscription and buying the non-subscription courses to complete the curriculum?
We do not allow users to 'cobble together' a certificate program using a regular Illumeo subscription and buying the premium courses on a standalone basis. This reduces the payout first and foremost to the instructor(s) who built the certificate program and we will not support it. In order to earn a certificate on Illumeo you must purchase the certificate program itself. Without that financial incentive for the instructor, the certificate program would not have been built in the first place.
If I'm not satisfied with the Certificate Program can I get a refund?
You bet. Illumeo's 30 day money-back-guarantee applies to all Illumeo purchases. Learn more here.
What is the Illumeo Assessment Framework?
Illumeo’s Competency Assessment Tool is built on an extensible assessment framework. The framework enables us to quickly and easily support a wide range of assessment models. Each assessment model is defined by: (a) a set of skills, capabilities, or other attributes to be assessed; (b) assessment criteria including definitions and detailed explanations; (c) a scale for the response set (e.g. 1-5, 1-10, Good/Better/Best, Below Expectations/Meets Expectations/Exceeds Expectations, No Awareness-Expert, etc.); and (d) a tagging mechanism and taxonomy enabling linkage between assessment results, benchmark data, and/or training courses.
How many assessment models has Illumeo developed?
Illumeo has built benchmark-based models to assess the capabilities of Sales, Marketing, Finance, and Human Resource professionals. These are available as standard models with links to benchmarks by job title and course recommendations. They can also be used as base models which corporate customers can customize for their specific organizations. Illumeo has also created a number of sample models suited to assessing project teams which customers can also use as is or as the basis for creating custom models.
How did Illumeo develop its assessment models for Sales, Marketing, Finance and Human Resources?
Our assessment models rely on many decades of experience and insights from subject matter experts, senior leaders in each respective function, and Learning & Development professionals. Once we collected sufficient benchmark data we then performed extensive testing to tune each model based on feedback from real-world users.
Can my company create its own assessment models?
Yes. Whether you want to build from our models, or create new models from scratch, the Illumeo assessment framework makes it exceptionally quick and easy to gather assessments and feedback from your team. Contact us any time for guidelines and assistance.
How does Illumeo’s Competency Assessment Tool differ from other assessment tools and methodologies?
Illumeo’s Competency Assessment Tool differs from other assessment tools in many ways: it covers the entire breadth of functional roles in Sales, Marketing, Finance, and Human Resources; each assessment is incredibly fast to complete; it easily scales from one user to a multi-thousand person organization; it accommodates and encourages collaboration among reviewers in an enterprise setting; its architecture and methodology greatly reduce spurious subjectivity; it is directly connected to a learning platform that recommends courses for filling competency gaps; it is almost infinitely customizable to accommodate competency models developed by virtually any organization; it is free for individual users and incredibly affordable for corporations to implement.
How does the assessment process work?
Begin by assessing yourself on competencies directly related to success in your functional role – Sales, Marketing, Finance, or Human Resources. Self-assessment takes only a few minutes and is point-and-click. Then select a "benchmark" job title to compare your input to the benchmark data for that position, e.g. "Financial Analyst." The tool then graphically displays where you are below, equal to, or above the benchmarks. You may select any job title benchmark to use as a comparator. For example, a Financial Analyst can compare him/herself to the Financial Analyst benchmark, and then right away compare to a Finance Manager, a CFO, or anything in between. Once you select a final benchmark, you will see further graphical analysis of areas of strengths and weaknesses. Finally, you are brought to the course recommendations page where you can see courses recommended to help close any competency gaps against your chosen benchmark job title.
Is there a person that will review my assessment?
No, not for individual self-assessments. Whether you are an individual subscriber or a corporate subscriber, the results of your individual self-assessments are not visible to anyone else.

If you are a corporate subscriber and your manager or a manager above them in your company has asked you to complete a corporate self-assessment, that manager and the managers above them in the organization, will be able to review your assessment, use the automatic job title comparison, and modify your development plan as needed.
What is the difference between a free assessment and an assessment with a personal or a corporate subscription?
If you are not a subscriber, you can complete a single self-assessment. Individual and Corporate subscribers can create an unlimited number of self-assessments giving them the ability to compare assessments and track improvement over time. Corporate subscribers get unlimited assessments for their company users including optional peer reviews, team assessment management tools, and optional custom competencies, job titles, and benchmarks.
I'm ready for the Final Exam. I see a "Test not Available" message. What should I do?
In order to take the Final Exam, all boxes in the course syllabus/progress must be checked off as completed. Go to your course page, check off the lesson boxes and proceed to the Final Exam.
I failed the Final Exam. What now?
You can retake the Final Exam as many times as needed until you pass it. Each course includes "Review Questions" that provide guidance on why you may have answered a question incorrectly. We strongly suggest you complete the Review Questions prior to taking the Final Exam.
Can I see what questions I got wrong on the Final Exam?
Once you pass the final exam you can click on the exam again under "FINAL EXAM Results" to see all of the times you passed the exam and a review of each question with the correct answer.
I attended the Webinar today and answered the polling questions. The webinar shows as incomplete. Also, When do I get my certificate of completion?
Give us 24-48 hours to verify all the information and credit your account with completion of the live webinar.
Is there a simple way to view and track all of my Webinars?
Yes, every Illumeo member has a Development Plan. There you can view all the Webinars for which you are registered and/or those that you have completed.
I added an Illumeo Webinar to my Development Plan, but I did not attend it. Now it shows up as “Incomplete” in my plan. How can I remove this Webinar?
We automatically remove “Incomplete” webinars from user Development Plans if: (a) more than 3 weeks have passed from the original Due Date, (b) they are not marked "Required", and (c) they are not in the Archive folder. So, you don’t need to do anything; our system will automatically remove Incomplete Webinars from your plan if they meet these three criteria.
Do Illumeo courses count for CPE credit in all 50 states?
Yes, Illumeo is registered with the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) as a sponsor of continuing professional education on the National Registry of CPE Sponsors. You can learn more about our CPE Awards for CPAs.
How do I print my continuing education certificates?
You can find them under the My CPE / CPD page. There you will see all of the certificates you have earned on Illumeo, These certificates are always available for you to download or email to yourself. To print the certificate, download it, open it in a PDF viewer, then use the PDF viewer's print command.
What continuing education certificates (CE/CPE/CPD) do you provide?
Illumeo provides Continuing Education (CE), Continuing Professional Education (CPE), and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) continuing education certificates for dozens of professional licenses. View the complete list. The certificates available for each course are noted on the course description page. To receive your certificate, you must pass the Final Exam within one year of enrolling in the course with a score of 70% or higher.
What is the Illumeo Certificate of Completion?
We provide a Certificate of Completion for each course for which you pass the Final Exam to recognize your achievement. In addition to our own certificate, we are authorized by a number of professional licensing organizations to provide their certificates enabling those users who hold professional licenses and who require Continuing Education (CE), Continuing Professional Education (CPE), and/or Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits for which you are qualified are provided separately from the Illumeo Certificate of Completion.
Do Illumeo courses count for CPE credit in all 50 states?
Yes, Illumeo is registered with the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) as a sponsor of continuing professional education on the National Registry of CPE Sponsors. You can learn more about our CPE Awards for CPAs.
How does the course ratings and reviews system work?
After completing a course and taking your Final Exam, we ask you to provide feedback by giving the course a rating (1 to 5 stars) and writing a brief review. This feedback is critical to the ongoing quality of the courses we provide. Only reviewed and rated courses with 3 or more stars are allowed to remain on our platform. By providing ratings and reviews, you are helping your peers select (or not) relevant and worthwhile courses. So, your input is very important to the value of the entire platform to all users.
When I select “Sort by Ratings,” why do courses with fewer stars appear before courses with more stars?
Our sorting method combines the number of stars received with the number of user ratings posted for each course. Each course starts with an average ranking; each user rating posted above the average increases the course rank and each rating posted below the average decreases the rank. Therefore, if a course has only one user rating with a score of 5, it will appear lower when sorted by ratings than a course with 10 ratings of 4 stars. As more users rate that course with 5 stars, it will eventually pass the 4-star course in the rankings.
Are these ratings real? How come you have so many?
Yes, they are real. We have many users that care about the quality of our courses. We encourage users to rate a course after taking the final exam. If they like or dislike a course, they will usually let us know in the ratings. We review ratings with our course instructors to ensure we have the highest quality courses.
Can I access courses from my mobile device?
Yes! All courses are accessible on demand from any smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC with a live Internet connection. Note: some phone operating systems restrict certain content or have browsers that don’t conform to Web standards. Also, note that mobile data fees from your carrier will apply. Also note: if some corporate networks block or throttle video streaming websites. If you think this may be the case, contact your company’s IT department.
What should I do if the lesson video doesn't play?
There may be several reasons why a lesson video will not load or play. Here are common sources of problems and potential solutions:
Problem Solution
Local blocking or throttling Check with your company’s IT department. Illumeo uses Vimeo to stream our lessons to your computer. However, some companies block or throttle video streaming web sites to preserve bandwidth on the corporate network. Your company may also be using firewall or anti-virus software—or you may be connecting to the Internet through a proxy server. If any of these are true, you may need to ask your IT department to whitelist the following domains in order to access our lessons.
Browser cache Check that your browser is working properly. The cache in your web browser automatically copies data from every web page you visit, including videos, pictures, text and so on. Over time this accumulated data can cause your browser to stop functioning properly. This happens to most all browsers at random times. What you’ll see are partially loaded or badly formatted web pages, incomplete pictures, the wrong picture in the wrong place, or videos that won’t load or play. To resolve this issue, you must clear your browser cache. Clearing the cache just means emptying it, so the next time you display a web page everything will be downloaded anew. Below are three alternatives to clear the cache in your browser. Go to the page where you are having problems then:
  • In most Windows browsers: hold down CTRL and press F5
  • In Apple Safari: hold down SHIFT and click the browser’s Reload toolbar button.
  • In Chrome and Firefox for Mac: hold down both CMD + SHIFT and press R.
Outdated browser Check that your browser is up to date. We support the following browsers. Whichever browser you prefer, please use the most up-to-date version available. You can update your browser(s) here:
What can I do if the video freezes or stutters when taking a class?
If you have a firewall or anti-virus software enabled — or if you're connected to the Internet through a proxy server — you may need to whitelist the domains below in order to access Illumeo’s lesson videos through Vimeo, our streaming service provider.
What browser can I use with Illumeo?
We support the following browsers. Whichever browser you prefer, please use the most up-to-date version to ensure everything on the site works smoothly. You can update your browser(s) here:
How does an Illumeo subscription work?
Subscribers get access to courses in the Illumeo catalog, all live webinars, and unlimited competency assessments. You can view the list of available courses. Subscriptions last for one year (365 days) and automatically renew every year, although you can cancel the renewal at any time. If you cancel your subscription, you will lose access to course content, but you can always access your completed course certificates and past assessments. If you provide a valid course review you will get permanent access to that course even if you cancel your subscription.
Note: There are a few courses (less than 5%) that are exclusively available via a Certificate Program (marked as a "Premium Course" in our course catalog) or for specific client company employees.
What is your refund policy?
We will refund your subscription if you are not satisfied within 30 days of the subscription purchase. Click on the following link to view our complete refund policy.
Do Illumeo subscriptions auto-renew?
Yes, Illumeo Individual and Team subscriptions automatically renew at the end of the subscription term unless: (1) you cancel your subscription during the Subscription period, which you can do at any time, per the FAQ below; or (2) you request a cancellation within thirty (30) days after your renewal payment has been processed. Instructions for requesting a cancellation can be found in this FAQ.
How do I cancel my subscription?
You may cancel your subscription at any time. When you cancel your subscription, you may also be eligible for a refund per the terms of our 30 Day Refund Policy. If you cancel your subscription outside of the qualifying refund period, you are not eligible for a refund for your initial subscription period, thus you will have access to our tools and courses through the end of your initial subscription period. However, once you cancel your subscription, it will not auto-renew.

To cancel your subscription follow these steps:
  1. Log in to Illumeo
  2. Hover your mouse over your name in the top right corner of the screen, then select "My Products" from the drop down menu
  3. Go to the Subscriptions and select "View/Update Subscription"
  4. Under "Options" in the top right of the that page select "Cancel"
  5. On the next screen click "Yes, I want to Cancel the Subscription", and you're all set.
Sorry to see you go, but please enjoy your remaining subscription access.
Do you offer enterprise solutions?
Yes, we offer corporate solutions for teams. Corporate subscriptions offer access to a management framework for competency assessments, tools to enable managers to build personal development plans for each member of their team, recommend courses, assign required courses, and select course due dates for their employees. Courses can be tracked via a corporate dashboard, which provides visibility into each individual employee’s development plan and his or her progress. You can learn more about corporate solutions.
Who are the Illumeo instructors?
Our instructors are leading practitioners and subject-matter-experts. Each instructor is rigorously vetted and must have at least five years of direct, hands-on, subject-matter experience; they must also pass a detailed interview and demonstrate extensive subject-matter knowledge. On average, Illumeo instructors have over 20 years of experience in their fields of instruction.
How do I contact my instructor?
Connecting and communicating with your course instructor is, in part, what sets Illumeo apart from other learning platforms. Every course has communication functionality built into the platform, enabling you to ask questions or discuss topics with your instructors before, during and even after you have completed your course. You must be enrolled in a course to communicate with the instructor.
How can I become an instructor?
Fill out this form and we will contact you. We have a rigorous vetting process that includes a review of your CV as well as a phone interview that explores your background and fit. Our instructors must have extensive, direct subject matter expertise before they are qualified to publish courses on the platform. You don’t have to be a CXO to create a great course! You may have specialized expertise in your particular functional area that would benefit our community. When in doubt, apply and we will discuss the opportunity with you.
Why should I become an instructor?
There are three primary reasons consistently voiced by our instructors:
  1. Giving back. Teaching others skills that you worked long and hard to develop is not only personally satisfying; it helps countless others excel in their chosen profession and enables them learn from your experience.
  2. Exposure to and acclaim from a large and rapidly growing online community of corporate professionals. When you make it through our rigorous instructor vetting process, then get your first course(s) through our review process, your peers will see that you are, indeed, a subject-matter-expert who is giving back to the broader community of corporate professionals.
  3. Earning passive income. There is a significant revenue share available on every course – between 20% and 70%, with the typical revenue share coming in at 50%. Contact us to learn more.
How do I add a course (seminar, conference) that was not provided by Illumeo to my Compliance Monitor?
Navigate to your Completed Activity and select the "Add External CPE/Activity" link near the top. You will then be prompted to enter the details for the external activity. If you have full Compliance Monitor access, then you can also allocate the credits for this activity to the various requirements for your designation.
How do I change the CPE that was awarded for an activity?
Navigate to your Completed Activity and find the activity. In the drop-down on the right for that activity select "Manage Allocations" and change the CPE that was allocated for that activity (press Save at the bottom to keep your changes). NOTE: This will not change the CPE credits awarded to you - it will only change the allocation calculations inside the Compliance Monitor.
In the compliance grid for my designation(s) I see my total credits. How is this number calculated?
This is based on all creditable activities captured in the period in question. You can see this by going to your designation's compliance grid and selecting the link titled, "Period Activity" (or "Year Activity" if you are only concerned about a single year). This will list a report with all of the activity for that period with details for each course, event, sponsor, and program type.
I can see that I have some CPE credits for an activity that I do not want in my compliance summary. How do I remove them?
Navigate to your Completed Activity and find the activity. In the drop-down on the right for that activity select "Manage Allocations". Find the designation box and change it to "OFF" and press the save button. This will 'de-allocate' the credits for that activity.
How do I handle carry-overs?
Carry-over (carryover). To add carry-over credit, add an external activity, then select "Add Carry-over credit". This is only available if one of your designations allows carry-over from one period to the next.