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Over 1,800 and more are added every week. Take a look at the entire list.

Illumeo Individual Subscriptions last a full 365 days.

Most are, but not all. There are a few dozen 2% of our more than 1,000 courses that are marked, "Premium Course", and those courses are not included in the regular course subscription on Illumeo and must be purchased separately.

A few dozen (2%) courses on the Illumeo platform are only available to purchase on a standalone basis or as part of a premium package of courses, such as our certificate programs. These courses are clearly marked "Premium Course" in the course library, and if you click into such a course you will see that they are only available to purchase on a standalone basis, but not as part of the standard Illumeo subscription. This is done for a variety of reasons, but typically it is due to an agreement with a particular instructor or content-rights-holder requiring Illumeo to pay for the rights to that course separately, which has us passing that cost on directly to the course buyer, precluding us from including it in our standard course subscription. This is fundamentally about respecting the intellectual property of our content creators, which we fully support.

On a related note, we do not allow users to 'cobble together' a certificate program using a regular Illumeo subscription and buying the premium courses on a standalone basis. This reduces the payout first and foremost to the instructor(s) who built the certificate program and we will not support it. In order to earn a certificate on Illumeo you must purchase the certificate program itself. Without that financial incentive for the instructor, the certificate program would not have been built in the first place.

All courses are designed specifically for corporate professionals and adhere to our quality standards. Each course is assessed at ten points during its development by at least two experienced subject matter experts. Further, we constantly review end user ratings. Any course that does not sustain a rating of 4-stars or higher after a 'trial' period is removed from the platform.

Every course has a free preview. Anyone can watch the preview lesson for any course to get a feel for the instructor and the content.

In addition, Illumeo has a free, 12-course trial. You can find those courses here. They don't include CPE credit, but they give you great education and a good sample of the variety and quality of Illumeo courses.

Subscribers can enroll in any course. Simply browse our course listings, select the course you wish to take, then click the button that says "Enroll In This Course".

After enrolling in a course, access materials via the "Course Syllabus" on the right side of the main course page. Click on any lesson to open a page with access to lesson content. The content may be a combination of video and supplementary materials like PowerPoint, Excel, or PDF files. Most courses also have a Review Quiz and Final Exam. Simply click your way through each section to complete the course. Revisit any section at any time. Be sure to check the box as you complete lessons along the way.

Yes you can! Our courses are delivered in a flexible, on-demand format available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, accessible via any smartphone, tablet or computer with a web connection. Watch, pause, fast-forward, or view enrolled courses as many times as you want, whenever you want.

You have access to the course for the life of your paid subscription. You can gain permanent access, excepting any course that is subsequently removed from the Illumeo platform by action of Illumeo or one of its instructors, to any course once you pass the course’s final exam and provide a valid course review.

A valid review for a course includes both a "star rating" and a minimum of 20 words of descriptive text that would be helpful to someone else who is considering taking the course. Reviews such as "Great course" and "I took the course and found it informative" would not be considered valid because they are too short and are not helpful to a potential course taker.

Yes, we would love to hear your ideas for courses. Thank you for doing this! We want to hear from you about what instruction you want to see on Illumeo.

Yes, every Illumeo member has a Development Plan to view all enrolled courses and their progress toward completion.