You are in danger of losing sales when you sell on price. Why? Because the next competitor can simply cut your price to take away your business.  Selling value is the best way to make it harder for competitors to take away your business.  A salesperson who sells on value builds long-term relationships with customers that are typically more profitable overall. 

Both management and salespeople have responsibilities to sell value.  Management must create a sales process based on selling value. Salespeople can avoid the mistake that makes selling value so much more difficult.  Salespeople need specific skills to sell value, not price.  Salespeople who understand the value their products offer and who create powerful testimonials will help their customers understand why it’s worth paying more for their products and services.

Learning Objectives
  • Identify management responsibilities to sell value       
  • Discover the way customers want you to communicate value  
  • Explore how to use sales meetings to sell value
  • Discover new strategies to compel customers to buy  
  • Identify sources of value to sell  
  • Discover the power of testimonial letters and how to use them to sell value  
Last updated/reviewed: August 6, 2023
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Anonymous Author
My team and I have often spent too long debating whether we can charge despite knowing we offer an excellent service. This has given me confidence to value!!

Course Complexity: Foundational

No advanced preparation or prerequisites are required for this course.

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Course Syllabus
  Introduction and Challenges to Selling on Value11:18
  Finding Value to Sell14:02
  Making it Easier to Sell Value12:46
  Making it Easier to Sell Value Continued and Summary14:40
  Sales Success: Sell Value Not Price 52:45
  Slides: Sales Success: Sell Value Not PricePDF
  Sales Success: Sell Value Not Price Glossary/IndexPDF