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Before your customer agrees to buy, there may have to be some give and take. 

You are negotiating more than just price when you’re in sales.  How you prepare for your negotiations, what you negotiate, and your negotiating strategies are all worthy of consideration in order to get better sales results.

In this course you learn how to prepare for a negotiation so you have more options as you negotiate.  You learn the different areas you can negotiate so you increase your profitability.    

You learn to use your listening skills and implement strategies to find common ground to become an effective negotiator.   

Learning Objectives

  • Identify different areas in your sales process that you can negotiate
  • Explore using your listening skills to learn what is important to the other party
  • Discover how to get compliance after your negotiation 
  • Discover how to start your negotiations to get the best outcome   
  • Explore strategies that lead to successful negotiations and recognize how to avoid less successful strategies

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Instructor presented very good negotiation tactics some of which I've never heard of before.


Course Complexity: Intermediate

No advanced preparation or prerequisites are required for this course.

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Course Syllabus
  14:10Introduction to Negotiating and Sales: Strategies and Skills to Close More Business
  8:39Section 2: Terms
  5:45Section 3: Preparation
  12:14Section 4: The Negotiating Process
  11:24Section 4: The Negotiating Process (Continued)
  10:28Section 5: Skills for Negotiating
  17:24Section 6: Negotiating Tactics
  8:01Section 7: The Skill of Persuasion
  14:49Section 8: Obstacles to Negotiation
Continuous Play
  1:42:43Negotiating and Sales: Strategies and Skills to Close More Business
  PDFSlides: Strategies and Skills to Close More Business
  PDFStrategies and Skills to Close More Business Glossary/Index