Focused Business Certifications

When you need to really go deep — and prove it — Illumeo's comprehensive certification programs build the expertise you need


Learn Deeply

Every successful career is built on a strong foundation. That means going deep to become an expert, perhaps the expert at your company, for your client or simply for the good of your long and fruitful career. Illumeo’s Focused Business Certifications offer deep, concentrated learning in high-demand topics to make you that expert and help you get the recognition you deserve for your expertise.

Learn from leaders

Learn from the Best

Illumeo's Focused Business Certifications are taught by leaders in their respective fields. Each program is developed and delivered by a single instructor to ensure logical progression and comprehensive coverage. Programs vary in length and all are designed with focus and depth appropriate to corporate professionals' needs.

Certification Instructors include VP/CXX—level executives with decades of experience, subject matter expertise, and the proven ability to effectively teach the subject at hand.

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Fast, focused

Fast, Focused

It typically takes years to go really deep in a subject. We get you there in days or weeks. Our Focused Business Certifications typically run from 12 to 50 hours of content.

They are fast - but not too fast - because they are so focused. Our instructors teach you skills and context from many angles so you have the in-depth knowledge you need to be the “go to” expert.

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Available Certifications

Available Certifications

Current Focused Business Certifications include:

  • Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) Certification
  • Internal Controls Certification
  • Excel for Business Certification

With many more coming soon.

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