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When you need to really go deep — and prove it — Illumeo's comprehensive certificate programs build the expertise you need


Certificate Programs Built By Genuine Experts

We have brought leading corporate practitioners to Illumeo's learning platform to bring you the best certificate programs available. Whether you are looking for an incredible start to your career or are already working in a topic area and want the depth and expertise needed to propel your career forward, our certificate programs build deep expertise in highly focused topic areas. Each certificate program includes from ten to over forty hours of engaging, operationally-focused courses available on demand, anywhere and on any device. The certificate programs focus on critical, highly focused topics which require deep learning and contextual insights only deliverable by subject-matter-experts like ours.

certificate programs for Career Success

Invest in Your Career and Fast-track Your Way to the Corner Office

Get a jump on your career with certificate programs designed by genuine subject matter experts. Don't waste time just taking courses, certificate programs designed by genuine subject matter experts get you the highly-focused knowledge you need to be a true expert in your current or desired field and move your career forward. Be the expert on any team.

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Team Certificate Programs

Build Your Team's Expertise With Certificate Programs That Matter

As a manager, you're only as good as the people on your team. Develop your team's expertise with Illumeo's certificate programs to ensure they have the information and skills they - and you - need now and in the future.

Incent and motivate your employees with knowledge that will help them grow in their current and future roles, and reduce the need to bring in expensive new people by using Illumeo's Focused Business certificate programs to enhance your team's depth and breadth of knowledge.

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Learn from leaders

Learn from the Best

Illumeo's Focused Business certificate programs are taught by leaders in their respective fields. Each program is developed and delivered by a single instructor to ensure sound curricula, logical progression and comprehensive topic coverage. Programs vary in length and all are designed with focus and depth appropriate to corporate professionals' needs.

Certificate program instructors include VP/CXX—level executives with decades of experience in the area of their certification and the proven ability to effectively teach the subject at hand.

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Fast, focused

Fast, Focused

It typically takes years to go really deep in a subject. We get you there in days or weeks. Our Focused Business certificate programs typically run from 12 to 50 hours of content.

They are fast - but not too fast - because they are so focused. Our instructors teach you skills and context from many angles so you have the in-depth knowledge you need to be the “go to” expert.

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Why Focused Certificate Programs are Critical for Employees and Employers

Why Focused Certificate Programs are Critical for Employees and Employers

There is a crisis happening right in front of our eyes in corporate America: millions of job openings go unfilled every year while millions of potential employees go unhired at the same time. What’s going on? Why can’t companies find the people they want, and why can’t those people find the jobs they need? To a great extent it comes down to a failure of skill and advertising.

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Focus Wins

The days of the MBA are numbered. Why? Because getting one takes too long, is far too expensive, and despite that they are far too general to be of use in most jobs in the “real world”.

What if you could hire only the skills you wanted without the extra baggage? What if you could attain those skills at a fraction of the time and cost it would take to get that MBA, or CPA or any other broad-based credential?

That would be a Focused Business Certificate Programs. Deep learning, taught by practitioner subject-matter-experts, completable in weeks instead of years, at the cost of hundreds, not tens of thousands. That is the future, and the future is now for both companies and employees!

Illumeo has many focused certificate programs, all built by senior professionals with decades of experience in their field, and delivered on an intuitive platform. Illumeo – simple, fast, affordable.

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