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Trust the Crowd

At Illumeo, we believe the best course recommendations come from your peers. That's why we encourage learners to provide ratings and write reviews. And we take your reviews seriously. Take a look, you'll see four and five star courses abound on Illumeo. That's because we remove any course with a rating under three stars until the instructor provides updates and improvements.

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4.5 Star Average Course Rating

With over 15,000 reviews already in, our average course rating is 4.5 out of 5.0 stars.

There’s a reason most providers don’t have, or publish, course reviews. They don't want their courses to be seen for what they are, boring and outdated. On the other hand, Illumeo video-on-demand courses move fast and teach a ton. And with our robust rating and review system, you can quickly find the right course for your needs every time.

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Ratings & Reviews For Your Courses Too

For Illumeo customers who build their own courses, our ratings and review system provides instant feedback to you too. That way you can make changes quickly, to ensure your courses are engaging and relevant. Whether you build courses for functional training, sales enablement, or employee onboarding, getting instant feedback on what's working and what's not will accelerate your team's development and improve their ability to get the job done.

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Attributed or Anonymous

Sometimes expert reviewers want you to know who they are. Other times, users are wary of putting their name next to their review. Either way, Illumeo has you covered: include your name and a link to your profile, or choose to go Anonymous and provide comments that you feel will benefit the instructor and future learners.

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Making Learning Valuable

You don’t have time to waste on courses that aren’t getting the job done for you. Nor do your colleagues and peers.

That's why we allow any individual who reviews any course in the Illumeo library to retain access to that course - even if their subscription lapses. It’s just our way of saying thank you for helping the community to keep our courses at the highest level.

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