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Access the wisdom of today’s experts to create tomorrow’s. Hundreds of expert practitioners deliver practical knowledge and context developed over 20+ year careers. Or utilize your own SMEs.


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The best way to gain applicable, relevant, usable expertise is by learning from those who are already experts in the field.

At Illumeo, we attract industry experts who build learning content that can be put to use, right away, in a real business environment. Our instructors have an average of 20+ years’ experience as active, senior practitioners in their respective fields.

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Powerful, Yet Accessible, Courses

Illumeo courses run from 5 minutes to 2 hours of high-quality streaming video. Longer courses are split into easily-consumable lessons, so learners can move at their own pace.

All courses include downloadable supplemental materials like PowerPoint presentations, glossaries, actionable plans, and how-to checklists. And every course includes learner Ratings and Reviews so you know what you’re getting into before you start.

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Virtual Mentors

Learners can ask Illumeo instructors questions at any time, ensuring that key points are fully understood and internalized.

Using Illumeo's integrated messaging system, learners simply post their questions and receive replies, typically in just a few hours.

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Office functions

Functional Focus

When you’re looking to build your expertise, the learning you do has to be narrowly focused: it must provide genuine, real-world guidance on executing actual job roles.

That’s why Illumeo provides courses that are tailored to the core corporate functions of Finance, Accounting, HR, Marketing, and Sales.

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Curriculum on Excel

Recommendation Engine

You don't want to "surf" through hundreds of courses to find the few that you really need. We don't want you to, either.

That's why we built an automated recommendation engine that takes your quick and simple assessment input and turns it into a fully automated, prioritized list of courses you should take. This saves you time choosing courses, reduces waste from taking courses you should not have taken in the first place, and keeps you on the path to your career goals.

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Curriculum on Excel

Courses and Curricula

Sometimes a single course is enough to fill a knowledge gap. As often as not, though, learners are seeking to gain deeper expertise across a number of topics.

That’s where curricula come in. Combining key courses into logical groups and series, Illumeo curricula provide a pathway to expertise that you’ll find nowhere else.

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