The course is presented in three parts:

First, the course reveals the 3 environments forecasts and budgets are made and compare each one of them.

Next, the course presents 6 challenges in budget modeling and reporting. They include:

  • How to accommodate Operation Team’s need to work from Excel while all budgets are in the Planning system?
  • How to build an interactive budgeting model in Excel?
  • How to write into a PivotTable?

Last, we provide 6 solutions to the above 6 challenges in budget modeling and reporting. They include:

  • Building an interactive budgeting model that allows the Operation Team to make changes to forecasts and budgets and see the results instantaneously.
  • Building an “editable” PivotTable that allows Operation Team to put forecasts and budgets directly in the PivotTable report.
  • Consolidating Actuals, Forecasts and Budgets from different data sources by using Power Query.
  • Building integrated Slides from Excel Reports.


Course Key Concepts: Flat table, Cross table, Calculated field, Calculated item.

Learning Objectives
  • Discover and understand when and how to build an interactive budgeting model in Excel.
  • Identify reasons in building a PivotTable report vs a regular report with formulas.
  • Discover techniques on building an “editable” PivotTable.
  • Recognize and understand ways to report budgets from the System using a PivotTable.
  • Explore methods of consolidating Actuals and Budgets from multiple data sources.
Last updated/reviewed: August 13, 2023
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I found the editable pivot table interesting, but I am not certain I can imagine it as a tool for my organization, but I will think on it. There were many other nice tips and tricks. If the attendee is not familiar with power query they may want to take a course on that first. However, if you are familiar with the query and pivot tables the course is nice because it doesn't trouble with material that is too basic.

Anonymous Author
This instructor is quite good and gives great screenshots for reference. I learned several new ideas today that I didn't even know existed in Excel. Well done!

Anonymous Author
This course help me to run budgeting and presentation to the board. Lee thanks for sharing these fantastic knowledge, following your session am an expert.

Anonymous Author
Course was ok. I was hoping for a more interactive course.

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Instructor for this course
Course Syllabus
  Introduction to Excel Magic 5-Building Interactive Budgeting in Excel Model0:36
  Forecasting and Budgeting Environment1:38
  Forecasting and Budgeting Challenges1:43
  Forecasting and Budgeting Challenges Cont'd1:30
  Instructor Introduction 1:14
  Comparison with Other Similar Courses 1:23
  What You Will Get from This Course? 0:36
Solution to Challenge No. 1
  Building an interactive budgeting model3:00
Solution to Challenge No. 2
  Building a PivotTable report3:17
Solution to Challenge No. 3
  Building an “Editable” PivotTable-Part 12:32
  Building an “Editable” PivotTable-Part 25:30
  Building an “Editable” PivotTable-Part 32:52
  Building an “Editable” PivotTable-Part 43:45
Solution to Challenge No. 4
  Reporting from System using PivotTable6:48
Solution to Challenge No. 5
  Consolidating Actuals and Budgets-Part 11:48
  Consolidating Actuals and Budgets-Part 25:32
  Consolidating Actuals and Budgets-Part 34:53
Solution to Challenge No. 6
  Building Integrated Presentation Slides3:10
  Takeaways 1:30
  Next Course & Q&A0:25
  Excel Magic 5: Building Interactive Budgeting Model in Excel53:42
  Slides: Excel Magic 5: Building Interactive Budgeting Model in ExcelPDF
  Excel Magic 5: Building Interactive Budgeting Model in Excel Glossary/ IndexPDF
  Workbook: Excel Magic 5: Building Interactive Budgeting Model in ExcelXLSM
  Workbook: Excel Magic 5: Building Interactive Budgeting Model in ExcelXLXS