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The course is presented in four parts.

First, brief introduction to Power Query and discuss reasons it has become very popular in Finance and Accounting:

  • No more copy and paste of data.
  • No more links to source files.
  • No more repetitive and manual data processing.
  • No VLOOKUP needed.
  • Brings AI in data transformation.
  • Fill the gap in Excel that cannot perform instant consolidation before, as can most cloud-based systems.
  • Feed into Pivot table and pivot chart to allow for self-service reporting.

Second part demonstrates 6 basic skills in data transformation with Power Query:

  • Remove columns.
  • Remove rows.
  • Promote headers.
  • Advanced query editor.
  • Query from Folder.
  • Data Type.

Third, we accelerate our learning with 3 bonus functions that dramatically increase our productivity, they are:

  • Merge to replace VLOOKUP().
  • Unpivot.
  • Exploration of AI and machine learning enabled in Power Query.

Last, the course culminates through the concept of “Instant Consolidation”, which has never been around in MS Excel until Power Query. The instant consolidation is prevalent in cloud-based accounting software.


Course Key Concept: Power Query, Advanced query editor, Query from Folder, Merge Query, Unpivot, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Instant consolidation.

Learning Objectives

  • Discover state-of-the art data transformation skills.
  • Explore the AI (Artificial Intelligence) that Power Query brings to us.
  • Discover Power Query’s basic steps in data processing.
  • Identify 3 advanced functions in Power Query that enable easy modeling in Pivot Tables.
  • Recognize the significance of instant consolidation empowered by Power Query.
Last updated/reviewed: July 11, 2020

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Anonymous Author
this was a great introductory class on a new topic. Thanks.
Anonymous Author
The best class I have even taken on power query. Great examples, excellent instruction. Highly recommended. I will try PQ on some of my current data sets.


Course Complexity:

Basic Excel knowledge; be able to open one Excel file and add a new sheet, etc.

Education Provider Information

Illumeo, Inc., 75 East Santa Clara St., Suite 1215, San Jose, CA 95113
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Course Syllabus
  0:22Introduction to Power Query: Ultimate Data Transformation
  1:40Instructor Introduction
  2:15Background: Data Transformation Challenges
Power Query
  1:32Power Query Objectives
  4:42Power Query Introduction
  0:42Intermediate: 6 Essential Functions from Power Query
  11:01Intermediate: Part 1
  9:13Intermediate: Part 2
  4:25Intermediate: Part 3
  5:07Advanced-3 More Functions in Power Query: Part 1
  4:46Advanced: Part 2
  4:30Advanced: Part 3
  7:46Instant Consolidation
Wrap Up
  0:30Next Course: Advanced Modeling with Power Pivot
  59:16Power Query: Ultimate Data Transformation
  PDFSlides: Power Query: Ultimate Data Transformation
  XLSXWorkbook: Session 2 - Power Query (Practice)
  XLSMWorkbook: Session 2 - Power Query (Answer)
  PDFPower Query: Ultimate Data Transformation Glossary/ Index