The course is presented in five parts.

First, the course relates earlier course of Top 5 Excel Skills to drive the concept home: Building your own “Bot” is your ticket to full automation in Excel Modeling!

Next, the course brings the topic of what is a VBA macro and let students consider when to and when NOT to build a macro.

Third, we illustrate 6 required steps to build your own report generating “Bot”, including:

  • Define the file path to make file path dynamic
  • Create a message box to communicate with users
  • Use For … Next … Loop for iteration

Fourth, the course illustrates 4 real cases that should NOT require building a VBA macro. These are cases from some VBA courses that are still teaching obsolete Excel skills.

Last, the course explores best practices in building VBA macros. They include:

  • How to activate the macro
  • Add notes for your codes
  • Add a message box

Course Key Concepts: Macro, VBA, Objects, Properties, Methods, Developer tab, Debugging, Message box, For Next Loop.

Learning Objectives
  • Discover and understand VBA macro as 4th Gen of Excel modeling techniques.
  • Identify 3 elements of a VBA macro.
  • Recognize when to build a VBA macro and when not to.
  • Discover 5 elements of a VBA environment.
  • Explore 5 steps required to build a reporting generating “Bot”.
  • Discover and understand 4 best practices of building a VBA macro.
Last updated/reviewed: March 8, 2024
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Anonymous Author
This course gives a great introduction to VBA. I learned a lot about this complicated topic. Lenny's "Bot" explanation was very helpful. I enjoy his courses. I don't have to do forms usually, but it is great to see that Excel365 makes those so much simpler.

Anonymous Author
Was always a bit unfamiliar with VBA and this course gives a good introduction to some of the relevant concepts. Also provides examples of times when not to use macros, which is also something I found useful.

Anonymous Author
VBA has always seemed nebulous to me, but this class helped me understand it more than any other VBA CE course I've taken. I still need more work...

Anonymous Author
Allotted time is not sufficient or fair. It should be twice or three times. thx

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Instructor for this course
Course Syllabus
  Introduction to Excel Magic 2: Building Your Own Report Generating “Bot”0:32
  Hierarchy of Excel Techniques1:54
  Instructor Introduction 1:10
  Comparison with Other Similar Courses 1:29
  What You will Get from This Course? 0:30
  VBA Basics3:10
  VBA Environment12:08
How to build a "Bot" to automatically generate 30
  Challenge: Generating 30 reports for 30 locations1:30
  Building your own “Bot” to generate reports - Step 14:57
  Building your own “Bot” to generate reports - Steps 2 to 46:50
  Building your own “Bot” to generate reports - Step 57:14
  Building your own “Bot” to generate reports - Step 62:22
  How effective is this "Bot"?1:15
Actual Cases to AVOID using macros
  When there is a better way: above 4th Gen!8:03
  When the whole process does NOT make sense in the first place!3:05
VBA Best Practices
  How to activate the macro?2:54
  Add notes for your codes1:32
  Add message box and make bite-sized macros1:06
  Takeaways 1:07
  Next Course and Q&A0:26
  Excel Magic 2: Building Your Own Report Generating “Bot”1:04:06
  Slides: Excel Magic 2: Building Your Own Report Generating “Bot”PDF
  Excel Magic 2: Building Your Own Report Generating “Bot” Glossary/ IndexPDF
  Workbook: Session 10 - Reporting Bot XLSM