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The course is presented in four parts.

First, the course introduces the popular project tracking system in project management – the Gantt Chart, and where we can quickly get a sample of Gantt Chart in Excel.

Next, the course will refresh some basic but crucial Excel skills that will help us build a Gantt Chart in Excel. They include:

  • ROUNDDOWN() formula
  • Conditional Formatting: both single-element and multi-element conditional formatting
  • Dropdown list

Third, we will learn how to build a Gantt Chart from scratch in three parts:

  • Building a basic Gantt Chart
  • Building an advanced Gantt Chart, and
  • Building a “pure” Gantt Chart

Last, we introduce 2 cool Excel apps that will facilitate the data entry of Gantt Chart. They are:

  • Form in Excel 365, and
  • Calendar Date Picker

Course Key Concepts: Project tracking, Gantt Chart, Milestones, Tasks, Assignees, Dependents, Pattern style, Border, Data Validation, Transparent chart, Overlapped chart, Form, Calendar Date Picker.

Learning Objectives

  • Explore and understand the components of a Gantt Chart.
  • Recognize the basics for setting up both single-element and multi-element conditional formatting.
  • Discover how to build an advanced Gantt Chart with Overlapped Conditional Formatting.
  • Explore how to build a “pure” Gantt Chart with Overlapped Bar Chart.
  • Discover 2 cool apps in Excel that can facilitate data entry into the Gantt Chart.
Last updated/reviewed: May 14, 2022

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Very practical - real world applications. There was enough review if you were not familiar with one of the course foundations, however it was not a course on formulas or conditional formatting.
Anonymous Author
This is a good course to provide some tricks to improve your project management. I like that it provided examples that are simple to more detailed


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Course Syllabus
  0:38Introduction to Excel Magic 9: Building a Project Tracking “Gantt” Chart
  1::20Why do We Use Gantt Chart to Track Projects
  1:11Instructor Introduction
  1:24Comparison with Other Similar Courses
  0:37What you will get from this course?
Gantt Chart
  0:32Gantt Chart: The History
  4:05How to Build a Gantt Chart in Excel
  1:00Build a Customized Gantt Chart
  1:36Three Types of Gantt Chart to Cover in this Course
  6:44Refresher 1: Math Formulas
  3:18Refresher 2: Conditional Formatting (Part 1)
  4:32Refresher 3: Conditional Formatting (Part 2)
  2:32Refresher 4: Dropdown List
  2:28Refresher 5: Calendar Formulas
No. 1: Basic Gantt Chart
  5:06Basic Gantt Chart - Part 1
  3:24Basic Gantt Chart - Part 2
No. 2: Advanced Gantt Chart
  2:11Advanced Gantt Chart - Part 1
  6:33Advanced Gantt Chart - Part 2
  8:30Advanced Gantt Chart - Part 3
  4:37Advanced Gantt Chart - Part 4
  1:48Advanced Gantt Chart - Part 5
No. 3: “Pure” Gantt Chart
  5:01“Pure” Gantt Chart - Part 1
  6:09“Pure” Gantt Chart - Part 2
  4:53“Pure” Gantt Chart - Part 3
Bonus: Two Cool Functions for Data Entry in Gantt
  3:55Office 365 “Form
  1:39Calendar Date Picker
  0:29Next Course & Q&A
  1:27:32Excel Magic 9: Building a Project Tracking “Gantt” Chart
  PDFSlides: Excel Magic 9: Building a Project Tracking “Gantt” Chart
  PDFExcel Magic 9: Building a Project Tracking “Gantt” Chart Glossary/ Index
  XLSXWorkbook: Excel Magic 9: Building a Project Tracking “Gantt” Chart