Whether large, small, operational, or project-centered, teams of professionals are said to be in the stage of forming, storming, norming but rarely performing. Now more than ever, the elusive stage of team performance is paramount to cultivate a thriving workforce, build collective value and sharpen competitive advantage. To engender these benefits, today's leaders must possess rock-solid skills to effectively develop and lead highly productive teams. Ineffective team development and leadership skills can result in workforce dissatisfaction fueling disengagement, disparate contributions that lack sufficient power to drive meaningful changes/results, or worse, an organization that cannot stay adaptable and competitive.

This course is designed for professionals who want to better develop and lead their work teams to operate as a cohesive unit, increase collective output and produce quality results that drive company value.

Through five performance keys, I teach practical knowledge to build your skills and confidence engaging tools used to empower high-performing teams. I share proven skills to help you develop the keys, understand the impact on your team, and reveal what productive benefits they unlocked. With a step-by-step approach, I provide a real-world take on team leadership to help you promote your teams for performance.

You discover proven knowledge vital for developing and promoting team productivity. This course provides the crucial keys needed for your fob of leadership helping you unlock your team's performance. With each key, you identify essential skills to develop your team. From there, you recognize the impact these skills have on the team providing you with valuable intel from the team's perspective. Finally, I help you explore the exposed benefits to productivity that nurtures enviable team performance.

This course provides information and insight to fast-track your knowledge to develop and lead teams where individual and group contributions promote high performance and overall organizational value.

Course Key Concepts: Keys, Develop, Lead, Team, Productive.

Learning Objectives
  • Discover the 5 performance keys for team leadership.
  • Identify the related skills to help promote key development.
  • Recognize the impact of these skills on people.
  • Explore the productive benefits of unlocking team performance.
Last updated/reviewed: January 21, 2023
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I thought this class was very helpful as I'm in a leadership role. There were a lot of interesting points. The speaker was very clear and the supporting documentation was very easy to follow. I would definitely recommend this course.

Anonymous Author
Nothing new was really learned but it did reinforce concepts that are taken for granted too often. This was a great training for reminding me about the importance of making team members feel valued and appreciated.

Anonymous Author
The topics are very well organized and the speaker was very encouraging and inspiring. The things discussed in the course are not new but a good reinforcement of different ideas.

Anonymous Author
As we continue to adjust to a new normal as leaders, this course provides great insight into how we can continue to motivate our teams.

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Great lessons! I enjoyed hearing about positive feedback loops as it applies to the entire team, and not just myself as team manager.

Anonymous Author
I enjoyed this course. The eduction/edification reminders are invaluable. Empowerment is a beautiful thing to see in action.

Anonymous Author
I really like this course and would recommend it to anyone who is stepping into or pursuing a leadership position.

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I loved this lecture - some really great insights for how to be a better leader!

Anonymous Author
The course gave a really good overview of how to motivate and manage your team

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Good content. Video portion of presentation has background static.

Anonymous Author
This course material was presented in a clear and concise manner.

Anonymous Author
I really enjoy Darrell's courses. So clear and easy to follow

Anonymous Author
I really enjoyed the course. it was very informative

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Great course! It was beneficial and very informative.

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Instructor for this course
Course Syllabus
  Introduction to 5 Keys to Develop and Lead Highly Productive Teams3:45
  Forge Connection - Assessing Traits7:41
  Reading Body Language6:43
  Show Emotional Intelligence7:37
  Wrap Up Forging Connection2:48
  Provide Education - Lend Coaching and Mentoring7:30
  Give Collaborative Work Opportunities7:18
  Provide Action - Oriented Feedback6:55
  Wrap Up Provide Education3:22
  Verbalize Edification - Share Positive Recognition7:43
  Give Confidence Building Feedback7:49
  Support Professional Growth6:16
  Wrap Up Verbalizing Edification3:17
KEY 4 - Motivation
  Kindle Motivation - Impart Organizational Value5:40
  Instill Professional Contribution6:26
  Encourage Personal Best5:18
  Wrap Up Kindle Motivation3:15
  Ignite Inspiration - Share Stride Stories5:19
  Create Positive Feedback Loop5:34
  Sharpen Focus on Greater Value6:12
  Wrap Up Igniting Inspiration3:56
  Course Wrap Up8:16
  5 Keys to Develop and Lead Highly Productive Teams2:08:39
  Slides: 5 Keys to Develop and Lead Highly Productive TeamsPDF
  5 Keys to Develop and Lead Highly Productive Teams Glossary/ IndexPDF