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This course covers the key skills everyday professionals need to effectively initiate ever-present work projects without having to become a certified project manager. Using simple language and relatable examples, this course teaches a repeatable process to enrich your knowledge and abilities to effectively start these endeavors. Although work projects vary in size and complexity, this course identifies the most important elements needed to get started on the right foot. 

In this course you will discover the overarching considerations when starting a work project. Knowing these critical factors will ensure you begin with a solid project foundation. Then, you will identify additional elements that support a healthy start. Learning these reinforcing components will fortify your ability to execute essential due diligence and manage overall project expectations. Finally, you will round out your knowledge and gain invaluable insight by exploring lessons learned and ways to avoid common mishaps.

With this course, you will learn an effective step-by-step approach to successfully start the work projects you must manage and deliver while acquiring vital project management acumen needed to keep your overall professional skillset sharp and competitive.

Key Course Concepts: Project, Project management, Repeatable, Process, Initiate

Learning Objectives

  • Discover how to frame your project
  • Identify how to build in supporting elements
  • Explore common project start pitfalls and remedies


Last updated/reviewed: May 17, 2022

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Anonymous Author
Great checkoff list for starting a new project. Missing any one element could cause a project to go sideways even with hardwork this does not guarantee success of the project. Follow the steps and your rate of success of projects will go up and with clarity.
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This course offers a concise and well organized approach to kicking off a project. The illustrations in the course were applicable and straightforward. The instructor should consider a writing a Project Management course as a follow up. Great Job
Anonymous Author
Course well laid out and presented. Interesting points regarding assessing what is out of scope as well within scope, continually assessing risks and strong advocating kick off meeting to have consensus and buy in from all parties.
Anonymous Author
Very useful framework for overall planning of simple projects that arise in the course of daily business operations. Framework facilitates accountability and clear communications which are essential to project management.
Anonymous Author
This course was very useful and informative. The course and instructor provided the information in an easy to follow manner. The tips will greatly help as I start work projects in the future,
Anonymous Author
Great presentation and helpful handouts. I will keep the project starter reference document as a resource tool for the next project I am involved in.
Anonymous Author
This course is very good. The presentation is very organized and topics covered are all helpful.
Anonymous Author
Interesting course and perspectives. Well structured and presented.
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Nice looking/professional presentation and materials.


Course Complexity: Foundational

No advanced preparation or prerequisites are required for this course.

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Course Syllabus
Introduction and Overview
  4:43Introduction to: How to Effectively Start a Work Project
  10:55Framing Elements
  13:39Supporting Elements
  16:28Rounding Out the Course
  2:58Wrap Up
Continuous play
  48:43How to Effectively Start a Work Project
Supporting Materials
  PDFSlides: How to Effectively Start a Work Project
  PDFProject Starter Reference
  PDFHow to Effectively Start a Work Project Glossary/Index