Today’s professional must have rock-solid verbal communication skills to effectively provide organizational input, propose new ideas, recommend needed solutions and more.  Without them, ineffective communication skills can easily lead to costly loss of time, operational errors and even slights to one’s professional reputation. 

This course is designed for professionals who want to become more effective at verbally sharing input and feedback with peers, management and other stakeholders. I teach practical knowledge to improve and fortify your ability to speak with clarity, confidence and consideration for others.  I explain, in simple terms, the communication process, share proven skills for effective verbal communication and provide invaluable insight to take your abilities further.   

You identify the communication framework to ground your dialog process understanding. This vital information reveals the invisible landscape of  elements making verbal communication a challenge.  With this illuminated perspective, you discover essential knowledge to tackle everyday challenges in the communication process. This fortifies your ability to navigate the process and improve the accuracy of sending  your intended message increasing your verbal efficacy. Then, I teach you how to recognize common communication pitfalls and provide remedies to build your assurance improving your dialog skills. Finally, to round out the course, we explore more insightful tips and ways to boost your verbal communication awareness and overall acumen.

This course provides the knowledge and insight to fast-track your ability to be a more effective verbal communicator increasing your value to others, elevating your professional profile while sharpening your competitive advantage.


Course Key Concept: Effective, Verbal, Communicator, "How to".

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the communication framework fundamentals.
  • Discover insight to tackle everyday communication process challenges.
  • Recognize common pitfalls and practical remedies.
  • Explore more communication tips and skills.


Last updated/reviewed: April 8, 2020

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This course offered many good strategies to become a better communicator and tips for things to avoid that may cause miscommunication, defensiveness or taking things completely off point.


Course Complexity: Foundational

No advanced preparation or prerequisites are required for this course.

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Course Syllabus
  8:31Introduction to How to Be an Effective Verbal Communicator
  15:45The Communication Process
  13:39Wrenching Through Challenges
  16:37Noise Management tools and Recap of Process Challenges
  11:22Common Pitfalls and Remedies
  8:52Rounding out Pitfalls
  10:36Tips to Further Your Acumen
  4:50Course Wrap Up
  1:30:12How to Be an Effective Verbal Communicator
  PDFSlides: How to Be an Effective Verbal Communicator
  PDFHow to Be an Effective Verbal Communicator Glossary/ index