Jennifer Flaa Instructor Information


Vettanna & The Bird Commission

Jennifer Flaa is a visionary entrepreneur with a 20+ year track record of success launching new tech companies and creative ventures.  She is currently the CEO of both Vettanna and The Bird Commission

Jennifer began her career testing space flight hardware and communications systems at NASA after graduating from the University of Maryland. She was QA Manager at Symantec and several Bay Area startups before starting her own businesses (5 so far). She has trained executives and tech teams around the world including eBay, Dell, Microsoft, Sky Cable and the US Air Force.

She is a featured speaker the Silicon Valley and Phoenix areas.

Not content to use only one side of her brain, she is the author of “The Happiness Handbook: Living Your Extraordinary Life” and the Better Boyfriend blog.

You can find Jennifer on stage as the vocalist for the classic rock band Urban Fiction and the new vintage duo The Zippy Katz.