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Work Conversations going wonky?

Tired of the ramblers, the interrupter & the mansplainers?

Scared of chatting in a post #MeToo World?

Did you know that menTeam Working Together and women both have the same goal in conversation but their natural methods can make one another feel disrespected and wind up alienating the other?

In this class we explore the natural communication styles of men, women and bosses and how they can go sideways. We discuss the role of the listener and easy remedies both the listener and the speaker can use when the conversation goes off the rails.

We explore the tough topics of 'mansplaining', intimidation, things that cause accidental disrespect, and the effect of #MeToo on the workplace.

If your business communications are frustrating you then this is the course for you. Bring an open mind and a willingness to experiment with new techniques in order to transform your business relationships.

Who Should Take This Class

  • Business people from individual contributors to managers and executives
  • Anyone who has butted heads with a co-worker
  • Anyone who has encountered women that ramble, men that don't listen or bosses that are short tempered
  • Men & Women who are confused (and scared) about how to communicate in a #MeToo world

In Secret Conversation Styles of Men, Women & Bosses you will learn:

  • How the communication styles of men, women and bosses differ
  • How to communicate effectively with the opposite sex and your boss
  • Mansplaining Explained
  • Common communication mistakes & remedies


"Powerful tips. I think Jenn has done an awesome job in defining what really happens in any office / corporate environment on a almost weekly basis. For anyone wanting to improve their communication skills in the work environment or elsewhere should start here.  Truly an eye opener."  
M Burney

"Very well thought out and presented in an easy to follow way. I really could have used this course 30 years ago."
R Couch

"Nice upbeat presentation regarding a soft skill subject (office personal communications). 1 to 2 minutes on mini-categories is awesome (e.g. how to deal with co-worker venting or your role as listener vs talker). The mini-categories with descriptive titles makes it easy for me to zip back in and review specific areas. No one else does this kind of training - and it is SOOOO NEEDED!"
B Dee

"Good to be conscious of the different styles of communications and the types of conversations that are needed. Very well thought out."

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize the 4 different conversation styles
  • Understand and apply common remedies
  • Avoid workplace conflict by changing your mind set or modifying your behavior in order to adapt to your co-workers and bosses conversation styles and mis-steps.
  • Learn the memory aids that will help you quickly and easily remember what to build relationships with your co-workers and your boss.
Last updated/reviewed: June 19, 2021

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Anonymous Author
At times, I considered abandoning this training session but I elected to stay the course and was pleased that I did. Not a reflection of the instructor, but there is a problem with completing module 25 and getting credit for completion.
Member's Profile
Excellent! Thought provoking. As the she went through the different types of communicating I could actually picture past and present supervisors and peers, even myself. Valuable information on email formatting and responses.


Course Complexity: Foundational

Prerequisites and Advanced Preparation

  • No advanced preparation or prerequisites are required for this course.
  • Come with an open mind and be open to trying new mind sets or new behaviors.
Assumptions & Not Covered
  • This course assumes the conversations are between normal, healthy people. It does not cover how to converse with narcissists, saboteurs, gas lighters or passive-aggressive folks.
  • This class does not cover how to converse in non-work situations (ie: with your spouse, partner or family)

Education Provider Information

Illumeo, Inc., 75 East Santa Clara St., Suite 1215, San Jose, CA 95113
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Course Syllabus
Introduction AND OVERVIEW
  1:141 Introduction to Secret Conversation Styles of Men, Women & Bosses
  1:182 Secret Conversation Commercial
  1:353 Before We Begin
  1:314 The Right Way To Converse
  00:385 4 Types of Work Conversations-Intro
  1:576 4 Types of Work Conversations-Disseminating
  2:277 4 Types of Work Conversations-Problem Solving
  1:088 4 Types of Work Conversations-Storytelling
  4:149 4 Types of Work Conversations-Venting
  2:0510 How Men and Womens' Conversation Styles Differ
  2:0511 3 Mistakes Women Listeners Makes
  00:5412 2 Mistakes Men Listeners Makes
  9:1013 How to Chit Chat Can Save Your Job
  3:2014 Remedies for Misperceiving
  3:5715 Remedies for Interrupting
  3:1516 Remedies for Storytelling, Rambling & Not Listening
  3:5117 Getting What You Need In 15 Minutes or Less
  2:5018 #1 Skill You Need to Succeed in Business
  PDF19. Respect and Being Humble
How Communications Go Bad
  10:2720 Top 6 Ways Verbal Communication Goes Bad
  3:0221 I'm Offended
  3:0522 Mansplaining 101
  2:1223 3 Mansplaining Techniques
  1:4624 Communication Deal Breakers
  3:1525 Business Communications in a #MeToo World
  2:1126 Tips for Men in a #Me Too World
  1:3727 Tips for Women in a #MeToo World
Communication Style of Bosses
  1:0328 Bosses Communication Style
  2:3729 Chatting Up the Big Boss
  PDF30. Communicating with Your Boss on Email
  1:1331 Rule Followers vs. Risk Takers
  1:1432 Inside the Mind of a Boss
Wrap Up
  1:1233 Summary & The 10% To Remember
  1:22:21Secret Conversation Styles of Men, Women & Bosses
  PDFSecret Conversation Styles of Men, Women & Bosses Glossary Index
  PDFSecret Conversation Styles Worksheet
  PDFSecret Conversation Styles Lab Answers