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Are you using video to conduct job interviews?

Visual Bias

These 2 candidates appear before you for their video interview.

Before they even say a word, you have received a ton of subliminal information.


First Impression


Your top candidate just finished video interviews with these 3 recruiters.

Which one are you?

A picture is worth a thousand word and you are communicating without saying a word.  Are you saying you are:

  • Professional
  • Confident
  • Knowledgable
  • Approachable
  • Easy To Talk To


Your competition has taken this class.  Why risk winging it?

In Video Interviewing for you will learn:

  • Your Goal on Video (It's Not What You Think).
  • The Basics: Where to look, What to wear, Where to be.
  • How to control how the viewer perceives you.
  • Why video is becoming so popular for job interviews.
  • How to critique a video candidate.
  • How to Be Fresh Every Time When Doing Multiple Video Interviews.
  • Bonus: Equipment Options for lights, camera, microphone and backdrops.
  • This class includes labs so that you can try out your new skills right away!

Sample Topics:

  • #1 Thing You Must Do Immediately On Video.
    Before & After Video Training
  • Where Do I Look?
  • How To Convey Confidence in the 1st 5 Seconds.
  • What’s Behind You (Your Background Is Speaking Too).
  • What To Do With Your Hands.
  • How In Person & Video Interviews Differ.
  • Visual Bias.
  • How To Deal With Bad Video Presentation & Distractions.
  • How to Be Fresh Every Time When Doing Multiple Video Interviews.
  • Do I Need To Buy New Camera, Mic, Lights & Backdrop for This Interview?
  • Should I Use a Script for a Video Introduction?
  • #1 Way To Bore Your Viewer.
  • What If I Have an Accent?

Not Covered:

  • This course does not cover how to conduct a job interview or what questions to ask.
  • This class assumes that you are familiar with how to interview and the laws around hiring.
  • This class does not cover how to edit video as the majority of video job interviews are live.

Who Should Take This Class:

  • Recruiters.
  • Executives and Managers.
  • Teams using video for job interviews.
  • Anyone conducing job interviews on video.


Learning Objectives

  • Explore how to create eye contact with the viewer.
  • Recognize how to convey power and authority on video.
  • Identify confidence while on video.
  • Recognize what will pull focus.
  • Recognize when you can use default equipment and when you should invest.
  • Explore how to gesture on video.
  • Discover how to avoid the #1 mistake people make on video interviews.
  • Identify how to critique a candidate on video.
Last updated/reviewed: May 26, 2022

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Good Content, easy to understand. With many recruiters working from home, taking a course like this is very important.
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I believe that any person in any industry would gain something from attending this course.
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Great course with good information that everyone should keep in mind while on video.


Course Complexity:
  • This class assumes that you have experience using Skype, Zoom or similar apps on your computer or phone
  • We assume that you know how to record a video on your computer, tablet or smart phone.
  • No special advanced preparation or prerequisites are required for this course.
  • Come with an open mind and be open to trying new things and practicing.

Education Provider Information

Illumeo, Inc., 75 East Santa Clara St., Suite 1215, San Jose, CA 95113
For more information regarding this course, including complaint and cancellation policies, please contact our offices at (408) 400- 3993 or send an e-mail to .
Course Syllabus
  1:14Jennifer Flaa Bio
  0:47Before We Begin
  2:26Bad Recruiter Example
How to Behave Professionally on Video
  1:29Your Goal...It's Not What You Think
  1:49Where Do I look?
  2:12How to Convey Confidence in the First 5 Seconds
  1:37How to Communicate Power, Authority and Intelligence in the First 5 Seconds
  1:02Your First Impression
  1:55What Should I Wear - Ladies
  1:08What Should I Wear - Men
  2:20Should I Wear Makeup on Video?
  1:51Do Men Have to Wear Makeup on Video?
  0:37Your Hair on Video
  1:19What's Behind You? (Your Background is Speaking Too)
  0:28Good Backgrounds for Video Interviews
  1:49How to Sit Confidently on Video
  0:44What to Do With Your Hands
  1:00Glare in Your Glasses
  1:32Practice Tips
  0:57Before Interview Example Explained
  0:38Lab 2
During The Interview
  0:54Why Video Interviews are Popular
  1:05When to Schedule the Interview
  1:55What to Expect
  1:50Pulling Focus Away from You
  1:06Pulling Focus
  2:52How In Person and Video Interviews Differ
  1:00Starting and Ending Video Interviews
  1:09Ending the Interview - The Final Question
  1:20Managing Time
  2:43#1 Pitfall for Interviewers
Handling Video Fear and Nerves
  1:27Fear of Being Seen & Revealing Yourself
  1:31Getting Un Nervous
  9:21Grounding Meditation
How to Critique a Video Job Interview
  3:22#1 Thing You Must Do Immediately on Video
  4:49How to Critique A Candidate on Video
  4:08Visual Cognitive Bias
  2:33How to Deal with Bad Video Presentation and Distractions
  1:11Manipulating with Video
  2:54Lab 5 Visual Bias
Your Setup and Equipment
  1:24Do I Need to Buy a New Camera, Mic, Lights & Backdrop?
  5:32Equipment Experiment - Easy, Affordable Setup
  1:19Behind the Scenes - Pole & Wall Backdrops and Circle Light
  3:33Upgraded Webcam and Mic
  0:36What's on My Desk During Video Interviews?
  0:22Jenn's Office Setup with Ambient Light for Interviews
  1:15Jenn's Office Setup with Full Lighting & White Background
Your Introduction Video
  1:51Video Introductions - Should I Use a Script?
  1:27#1 Way to Bore Your Viewer
  0:49Your Video Interview Checklist
  0:46Intro Video - About The Process
Bonus Tips
  0:34Before the Video Interview
  1:13What if You Have an Accent?
  1:04"What?" "What?" "Could You Repeat That?"
  1:304 Tips
  1:094 Things to Avoid
  1:13Preparing for Your Interview
  3:48Your Eyes Communicate Too
  1:11What if You are BAD on Video
  1:49Video Fouls (Seeker on Video & You on Audio)
  2:14"After" Interview Example Explained
Wrap Up
  0:33Jenn's Last Thoughts
  2:52Last Labs
  0:57The 10% to Remember
  1:56:52Video Job Interviewing For Managers, Recruiters & Hiring Teams
  PDFHandout: Course Outline Video Interview Recruiter Final
  PDFHandouts: Video Recruiter Worksheet Final
  PDFHandouts: Setting a Subject At Ease
  PDFHandouts: Tip Sheet For Job Seekers
  PDFHandouts: Your Video Checklist
  PDFHandouts: Sample Interview Questions
  PDFHandouts: Bonus Extras
  PDFVideo Job Interviewing for Managers and Recruiters Glossary/ Index