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Are you working from home and using video for meetings? Four people are in a video Bad and good examples of people in video meetingsmeeting. Which one are you? A picture is worth 1000 words and your image is telling your clients and coworkers more than you realize. Don't let your boss assume that you are not working based upon your video image. Don't let your client misinterpret your confidence, knowledge & professionalism based upon your video image. Don't let your team perceive you as lacking confidence in your idea or solution. This course includes labs so that you can try out your new skills right away!

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Dos & Don'ts
  • The #1 mistake you are making when you are on video
  • What distracts viewers
  • What bores viewers
  • What equipment you need

After this class you will:

  • Rock your video meetings
  • Project confidence & professionalism
  • Have eye contact with your viewer
  • Stand out from the crowd!

Who Should Take This Class Everyone using video for meetings and calls


Learning Objectives

  • Identify how to create eye contact with theviewer.
  • Discover how to convey power and authority on video.
  • Discover how to convey confidence on video.
  • Recognize what will pull focus.
  • Explore how to prepare for a video.
Last updated/reviewed: May 8, 2022

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Anonymous Author
Most of the content was good old common sense but Jen did provide some new tips, at least to me. One was using the F1 & F2 keys to reduce the glare if you wear glasses. Jen is a good speaker and has an upbeat personality. I would recommend this course to anyone who participates in Video calls especially from home.
Anonymous Author
Great course - this course if very useful not only for meetings, but interviewing as well. A lot of this is self-explanatory, however if you have to be told to wear pants, you might just need a different job.
Anonymous Author
Practical and helpful things to consider while participating in video calls. This course can drastically change how you are perceived in video calls by implementing the tips and tricks provided.
Anonymous Author
Thank you this was very helpful! Especially, not taking notes to the computer was something I did not care. The set-up really should be a consideration point.
Anonymous Author
Great course of things to keep in mind! Thought the length, content, and presenters energy were just perfect for this lesson.
Anonymous Author
Course topic and presenter were engaging. And, length of course was perfect. Didn't drag on too long.
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I loved this course - the instructor, the handouts, the tips, everything about it. Awesome!
Anonymous Author
Great, quick overview of do's and don't. Perfect timing with and great class for everyone.
Anonymous Author
Fun and informative! Perfect training during these work-at-home pandemic days.
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The instructors provides great tips to build confidence for video meetings.
Anonymous Author
This is a good 30 minutes course. The speaker provided valuable inputs.
Anonymous Author
The information is helpful, but the music is distracting.
Anonymous Author
Excellent instructor! I learnt a lot and it was FUN.


Course Complexity:

This class assumes that you have experience using Skype, Zoom or similar apps on your computer or phone. We assume that you know how to record a video on your computer, tablet or smart phone. No special advanced preparation or prerequisites are required for this course, come with an open mind and be open to trying new things and practicing.

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Illumeo, Inc., 75 East Santa Clara St., Suite 1215, San Jose, CA 95113
For more information regarding this course, including complaint and cancellation policies, please contact our offices at (408) 400- 3993 or send an e-mail to .

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You're welcome :-)

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Course Syllabus
  1:15Jennifer Flaa Bio
  1:57Welcome to The Course
  0:47Before We Begin
Quick Start
  1:00The Do's
  1:07The Don'ts
  0:11Behind the Scenes-Before Example
  1:19Behind the Scenes-End Result
  1:03Top 3 Mistakes
Deep Dive - The Why
  0:18Deeper Dive
  1:15What to Wear on Video
  1:19What's Behind You?
  1:06Pulling Focus
  1:00Glare on Glasses
  1:28Practice Tips
During The Video Meeting
  0:54Starting and Ending Video Calls
  1:14#1 Way to Bore Your Viewer
Bonus Tips
  1:27Four Tips
  2:08Your Eyes Communicate
  0:44Video Meeting Checklist
Wrap Up
  0:18Jenn Last Thoughts
  0:56Last Lab
  0:57The 10% to Remember
  0:28Getting Better Video Meeting
  0:41Want Video Coaching?
  0:24Video Job Interviewing Classes
  27:50Work From Home - Video Meeting Essentials
  PDFHandout: WFH Video Meeting Worksheet Final
  PDFWork From Home - Video Meeting Essentials Glossary/Index
  PDFHandout: Jenn Video Call Setup
  PDFHandout: WFH Video Meeting Checklist Final
  PDFHandout: Video Meeting Etiquette
  PDFHandout: Webinar Tips
  PDFHandout: Bonus Extras