Alice Heiman Instructor Information

Founder & Chief Sales Officer

Alice Heiman, LLC

Alice Heiman is a strong advocate for startups and small businesses. She focuses sales leaders on what it takes to get rapid and exponential growth in a business to business environment with a complex sale.

For over 20 years, Alice has been helping companies grow. She developed her sales expertise while at her family company, Miller Heiman, which was started up in the late 70’s. While there, she worked with some of their largest clients like Coca Cola, Hewlett Packard, John Deere and Fidelity Investments.

She helped Miller Heiman, Inc grow, and before it sold in 1998, she started up Alice Heiman, LLC specifically to help smaller, innovative companies learn to sell like the Fortune 500.

Being an entrepreneur, she loves starting things, and her first foray into building sales for startups was during the dotcom boom. She has seen many companies succeed and fail, and understands what it takes to get a company to its next level in sales.

Alice has been featured in Entrepreneur’s Startups magazine and in Selling Power. She shares her expertise on her own blog, SmartSalesTips.com and is a contributor for Nimble, Women SalesPros, HubSpot blogs and many others.

In her own backyard, in Reno, Nevada, she is a huge advocate for their thriving startup community, providing mentoring for Startup Weekends, teaching sales at the University of Nevada in the entrepreneurship minor and providing mentoring for several entrepreneurs each year.

There is no doubt, innovative sales leaders who want rapid and exponential growth, need Alice Heiman.