Illumeo for Mid-sized Businesses

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Mid-sized businesses face the same challenges as large companies in terms of recruiting, training and retaining top quality talent. But most mid-sized companies can’t afford to spend the same amount as large enterprises on developing their employees. Illumeo provides an affordable, fully integrated Expertise Management platform that is quick to deploy and simple to manage. With a single solution, Mid-sized companies can easily implement world-class Expertise Management with all key enterprise capabilities at full strength. With Illumeo you can improve your ability to attract and keep top talent by providing the same professional development platform and content that Fortune 500 firms are using to develop their employees.

Assess, Plan, Learn, Do

Full Cycle Professional Development

Illumeo’s approach to professional development includes:

  • Competency assessment — in 10 minutes establish baseline ratings against which progress can be measured
  • Benchmark-based analysis — quickly identify knowledge gaps based on industry benchmarks
  • Personalized development plan — our platform automatically generates a list of recommended courses to fill identified gaps and build deep functional knowledge
  • Unlimited library access — access over 4,000 video lessons and more than 600 full length courses developed and delivered by expert practitioners — with new courses added weekly

You can finally provide targeted training to meet the specific needs of each individual on your team, where and when they need it. And with regular assessments, individuals and their managers can track progress and make course corrections over time.

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Streamlined Onboarding

Illumeo's self-authoring tools make it simple to create and publish your own on demand training courses for exclusive access by your team. So, for repetitive training like onboarding, you can create a training course once then enable your employees — whether on-site or remote — to take it at their convenience.

Indeed, you can make your live training more effective with a blended learning approach. Create on demand courses as prerequisites to live training, so you can spend face-to-face time answering important questions or diving deeper into issues of specific concern.

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Functional assessment

Functional Skills Assessments

The hardest part of making great employees is knowing where to start: without a clear picture of what they know and what you need, it’s impossible to start making them better - and your organization more effective.

The Illumeo Assessment Framework brings you expert-built functional assessment for corporate finance, accounting, HR, sales and marketing, and the option to build custom assessments, covering the topics that are most vital to your business. With this in place, it is easy to build personalized development plans for each professional to help them - and your entire company - achieve excellence. Our Assessment Framework also makes easy work out of measuring employee engagement and virtually any other kind of employee-related assessment you may need.

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Compliance Training

Compliance training related to Sexual Harassment Discrimination is required by law for companies with 50 or more employees. Illumeo makes it easy to provide compliance training to your team and track completion by your managers and employees. Our compliance training can help create a safer, more trusting company culture, with employees who are more aware and and prepared to take action should any problems arise.

There are a myriad of financial compliance and other issues that Illumeo’s training can help you with. And, if a claim were ever brought against your company, demonstrating that you provided qualified training is a proven way to mitigate your risk.

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Product Knowledge, loading...

Sales Enablement

Are your salespeople always prepared and at the top of their game? Every sales manager will agree, there’s always room for improvement. The trouble is, each salesperson is as different as their learning needs.

Luckily, you can integrate elements of Illumeo’s full cycle professional development process and tool set into your sales training.

  • Assess your sales team on their knowledge of your company, products, and core value propositions
  • Quickly create and publish internal sales training courses for your team and channel partners
  • Track who has completed which courses and passed the final exams
  • Keep sales collateral and product presentations up to date and in one easy to access repository
  • As a valuable option, include access to Illumeo’s best-in-class sales training courses to supplement the internal training you provide

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