Sales Enablement

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Sales Enablement

We’ve all been there: Sales Kick-Off is over and everyone’s back to work; but it’s not 100% clear whether every salesperson internalized everything they just heard. And then the thought occurs: what if the sales team isn’t expert in our products? And how would we know?

Illumeo's Sales Enablement solution takes the guesswork out of it. Flexible, easily-created assessments clearly identify those who need help. Simple course authoring tools get training to everyone in no time. Lightweight learning management tools support managers and professionals alike to build and execute development plans. And before you know it - you know, for sure, that your sales team is ready to put its best foot forward.

Assess your competence

Assessments: Know Where You’re Starting

The hardest part of training a sales team is knowing their current level of expertise: without a clear picture of what they know, it’s impossible to build targeted, effective development plans.

With Illumeo you simply build a custom assessment, covering the topics most vital to your business. Ask each salesperson to self-assess, then add evaluations by managers and peers for a full 360 degree perspective. Then publish your sales training and add courses to each salesperson's personal development plan as required. Evaluate and repeat.

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Expert instructors

Course Authoring

In the past, building Sales Enablement courses that work with Learning Management Systems (LMS) has taken a ton of hard work. Illumeo solves this by providing genuinely simple tools, so you can spend your time on building product, messaging, and pipeline.

Simply record yourself presenting your course - our tool records voice and anything you show on-screen. It’s so easy, anyone can do it. Which makes it ideal not only for Sales Kick-Off, but also for those quick injections of information you need to get out there for new products, solutions, or promotions.

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Production Support

We know you don’t want to become a full-time video editor, so we offer production support to ensure your courses see the light of day quickly, and achieve their goals effectively.

Simply send us your recording, and we’ll split it into short lessons for easy consumption, set up your listings page, and ensure your learners are on a productive path quickly.

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Gold star

Know How You’re Doing

Our integrated Ratings and Reviews empower your learners to provide valuable feedback - which courses are helping them, and which could use a little more attention.

There’s nothing worse than putting content out there and wondering if the audience is getting what they need from it. With Illumeo, there’s no more guesswork.

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Manage learning

Learning Management

Half the battle of delivering exceptional Sales Enablement is getting the information to learners; the other half is clearly showing its impact.

That’s why Illumeo provides simple yet powerful tools to track, manage, and report upon the execution of your team's development plans.

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