Employee Onboarding

Don't miss the chance to get every employee off and running the right way. Use Illumeo to provide job-specific-skills onboarding and watch them soar.


Employee Onboarding

Great people in HR will ensure 'administrative onboarding' happens. When it comes to reducing wasted time and effort normally associated with getting new hires "up the curve" and productive, you need Illumeo to provide truly job-specific-skills onboarding.

Solid foundation

Create A Solid Foundation

The Illumeo Assessment Framework makes it easy to quickly and accurately establish anyone’s current levels of expertise in their specific position. Using the core models, or organization-specific ones that you can easily design, you get a clear picture of each employee. With this knowledge, it’s easy to create a personalized development plan that optimizes their time-to-productivity.

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Create your own courses

Course Authoring

Effective employee onboarding frequently means teaching 'our way' of doing something. Illumeo has solved this for you, bringing genuinely simple tools that allow you to spend your precious time on hiring great people, creating a world-class environment, and delivering on your business goals, not on arduous course creation.

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Expert instructors, expert courses

Expert Courses

Sometimes you need new employees to get up to speed on key topics that are not specific to your organization, such as regulatory requirements in HR, negotiation skills in Sales, or accounting fundamentals in Finance.

The Illumeo Expertise Management platform comes loaded with hundreds of function-specific courses to help bridge the gaps. Combined with the assessments, it’s easy to build a personalized development plan that makes continuous improvement a core part of your workforce culture and helps people get more productive, faster.

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Learning Management

Half the battle of delivering exceptional employee onboarding is getting the information to learners; the other half is clearly showing its impact.

That’s why Illumeo provides simple yet powerful tools to track, manage, and report upon the execution of development plans. Both the hiring manager and HR can see that the onboarding plan is being executed.

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Customer Case Study: Carnival Corporation & PLC

Customer Challenge

Carnival is a big, global company with global operations. One of the greatest challenges is bringing the constant flow of new employees up to speed in their particular areas of expertise. Traditional onboarding is about filling in forms and showing employees where the lunch room is. What’s really needed is deep functional training, augmented by company-specific courses.

Illumeo Solution

Carnival adopted Illumeo’s Expertise Management solution and has utilized the Employee Onboarding tools to have internal subject-matter-experts build custom, organization- and even job-specific courses and curricula that are employed globally for new employees. Now, training doesn’t have to wait for live, global meetings, it can happen anytime, anywhere, and on any device. New employees learn directly from the SMEs in the organization without having to take precious time or expensive travel. Managers and HR benefit from real-time reporting and dashboards. The result is new employees coming up to speed faster, more conveniently, and less expensively than ever before. It’s an elegant solution to a highly complex and pervasive problem.

Carnival Corporation & PLC
Rev: $15.7B FY ’15
Employees: 120,000

Carnival Corporation & plc, the world’s largest leisure travel company, provides travelers around the globe with extraordinary vacations at an exceptional value.

Richard Brilliant, SVP & Chief Audit Officer, Carnival Corporation“ It's not practical to put together multiple live trainings for a global audience every year. The employees can get the training on their own terms. It's so much better. ”

Richard Brilliant,
SVP & Chief Audit Officer, Carnival Corporation

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Forget What You Think You Know - 5 Steps to Effective Onboarding

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Forget What You Think You Know - 5 Steps to Effective Onboarding

Onboarding can make or break a company’s effective utilization of a new hire. Most managers just take it for granted that new hires will be stumbling around for weeks and won’t be truly effective until they reach the six month mark. Along the way, untold thousands are lost, per hire, companywide. Along the way to that “fully up and running” point people may get fired because they made mistakes a veteran in their position wouldn’t make, or their boss thinks they’re moving along too slowly, or the employee feels inadequate to the job and quits out of frustration or fear of being fired.

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Employee Onboarding

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Going Beyond the Basics of Onboarding

When it comes to professional organizations, that first step is the on-boarding process. With Illumeo, you can combine the all-employee information coming from HR with courses created for individual functions.

No challenge is greater than building a cohesive, winning workforce culture. Use Illumeo to ensure every colleague gets off on the right foot.

Illumeo combines a massive course library that brings deep functional training, custom courses built by the company, and the ability to quickly and easily create onboarding curricula for any and every position you hire.

Dashboards and automated reporting keep both the employee and their manager on top of learning and in sync.

Human Resources gets unparalleled visibility and control, making them more effective and valuable. Illumeo - simple, fast, affordable.

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