Employee Onboarding

No challenge is greater than building a cohesive, winning workforce culture. Use Illumeo to ensure every colleague gets off on the right foot


Employee Onboarding

When it comes to professional organizations, that first step is the on-boarding process. With Illumeo, you can combine the all-employee information coming from HR with courses created and promoted by individual functions.

Solid foundation

Create A Solid Foundation

The Illumeo Assessment Framework makes it easy to quickly and accurately establish anyone’s current expertise. Using the core models, or organization-specific ones that you can easily design, you get a clear picture of each employee. With this knowledge, it’s easy to create a personalized development plan that optimizes their time.

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Create your own courses

Course Authoring

Building Employee Onboarding courses that work with Learning Management Systems (LMS) can take a ton of hard work. Illumeo has solved this for you, bringing genuinely simple tools that can help you spend your time on hiring great people, creating a world-class environment, and delivering on your business goals.

Simply record yourself presenting your course - our tool records voice and anything you choose to show on-screen. It’s so easy, anyone can do it.

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Expert instructors, expert courses

Expert Courses

Sometimes you need new employees to get up to speed on key topics that are not specific to your organization, such as regulatory requirements in HR, negotiation skills in Sales, or accounting fundamentals in Finance.

The Illumeo Expertise Management platform comes loaded with 600 function-specific courses to help bridge the gaps. Combined with the assessments, it’s easy to build a personalized development plan that makes continuous improvement a core part of your workforce culture.

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Learning Management

Half the battle of delivering exceptional Employee Onboarding is getting the information to learners; the half is clearly showing its impact.

That’s why Illumeo provides simple yet powerful tools to track, manage, and report upon the execution of development plans.

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Big gold star

Know How You’re Doing

There’s nothing worse than putting content out there and wondering if the audience is getting what they need from it. Our integrated Ratings and Reviews empower your learners to provide valuable feedback - which courses are helping them, and which could use a little more attention.

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