Deep Functional Learning

Whether you're in finance, accounting, HR, marketing or sales, going from good to great starts with acquiring deep functional knowledge to develop your expertise


Professional Development

We all know the experts among us. “How did they get there?” is a question most of us ask. If we could do that we’d be set! Accolades, promotions, and the genuine ability to move ourselves and our companies forward.

But how do we get there? At Illumeo we believe it's critical to continuously acquire deep functional knowledge via "full-cycle professional development". Our approach includes identifying your learning needs; accessing world-class instruction anytime, anywhere; and having a system that actively helps you build a plan and stick with it, whether you're on the journey solo, as part of a team, or as the team leader.

Assess your competence

Assessment Framework

Your journey begins with an assessment to answer the questions "Where am I now?" and "Where do I need to be to move myself and my team forward?"

Illumeo’s Assessment framework brings an objective methodology, a simple and fast interface, thoroughly vetted functional benchmarks for over 200 job titles, and automated course recommendations to start you on your way.

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Expert instructors

Hundreds of Expert-Led Courses

To acquire deep knowledge you must have deep content, delivered by genuine subject-matter-experts. Illumeo provides hundreds of courses taught by over 200 instructors who are or have been senior executives with over 20 years' industry experience on average.

These instructors give you the benefit of their experience, insight and context in every video-on-demand course. I you're a corporate user you can also build your own courses to easily capture and pass along institutional knowledge to your teams and colleagues.

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Many certification types

Continuing Professional Education Credit (CPE/CPD/PDC)

Many of today’s professionals in finance, accounting and human resources (HR) hold certifications such as CPAs, CMAs, SPHRs and many more.

Illumeo is accredited to provide continuing education credits for over two dozen professional certification types. This way you can go deep on learning and meet your certification requirements at the same time.

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Gold star

Ratings & Reviews

You can’t afford to waste a minute of time, and we don’t want to waste yours. So, unlike most other enterprise learning platforms, we strongly encourage and get course reviews.

With over 15,000 reviews already in, our courses average 4.5 out of 5.0 stars. With so many reviews, all coming from your professional peers, you can be confident in finding the right course for your needs, every time.

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Choose a Plan That’s Right for Your Needs

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