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Illumeo Advisors are experts, not only on the topic areas noted, but are also expert users of Illumeo, and provide advice and feedback that helps us improve the Illumeo site for corporate finance, accounting and treasury professionals.

Interim or Part-Time Executive Management: CEO/CFO,Speaker and Writer for SBA * Consulting, LTD

The role of a leader is to determine strategy and establish core values, build a team around those values and deliver results by solving problems and moving a company forward.  Throughout my career as an executive leader, I have consistently forged a path to success and have led others in solving problems and delivering value.  I have overseen double-digit growth year after year in companies where I have served.  I have cut costs while carefully maintaining sufficient resources to support growth, increase cash flow, and improve profits.  I have championed programs to increase revenue by empowering team members with information to assist them in surpassing their goals.  I have also led turnaround situations where my team has helped to restore profitability.

I have served consultatively as a senior level financial and operating executive for the past 15 years in the roles of COO, CFO and Controller.  In such capacities, I have implemented accounting systems and information technology solutions to companies both large and small, spanning various industries and sectors.  I have implemented small accounting system solutions such as QuickBooks, Xero, and Peachtree, in addition to large ERP systems including Navision and MS Dynamics as well as MRP systems such as Macola. 

A recognized thought leader in finance, operations, and IT, I have continued to serve as a mentor and educator.  I served as an Adjunct professor at Lehman College (CUNY) for ten years. In the digital arena, I have held three webinars in the past year alone.  I have created an on-line course for Proformative.com; a free online peer-to-peer global community of senior finance professionals centered around technology and the Office of the CFO.  I have been quoted as an expert resource in numerous articles both in print and on the web[1].

I have delivered value through leadership, vision, and clear communication to stakeholders.  I would welcome the opportunity to discuss my career experience and how I can help your organization find solutions to its challenges.

[1] Recent article in CFO.com: “If You Spot Fraud: Handle it In-House or Call the Cops? http://ww2.cfo.com/fraud/2015/04/spot-fraud-handle-house-call-cops.



Chief Financial Officer (Interim): Volare Air Group - [2015-10 to 2016-05]  Aviation industry: Assist in positioning company to make strategic acquisitions.  Created multiple pitch decks for investor groups on different M&A targets.  Interface between C-Suite/Board and potential targets.

Chief Financial Officer (Interim, Portfolio Company) : NYC based Investment Bank - [2014-09 to 2015-10]
Apparel jobber/distributor who is entering brand manufacturing (outsourced) in able to provide brands. M & A, licensing deals, strategic partnerships to enhance and move this portfolio company into a broader and more sustainable company. This is a turnaround company

Chief Financial Officer (Interim, Portfolio Company) : The Yucaipa Companies - [2013-12 to 2014-03]
Re-engineered newly purchased portfolio company from financial/accounting perspective, including HR, Legal and IT.

Member, Board of Advisors : QED National - [2012-09 to 2014-04]
Advised Management on a whole host of topics as a member of the Advisory Board.

Chief Financial Officer : Model Collections of America - [2009-04 to 2011-01]
Third party billing service for the modeling industry. Serviced non-US models who performed services outside the US territory.

Chief Financial Officer/System Designer : Frenchw@re - [2008-01 to 2011-01]
Frenchw@re developed a industry front-end accounting/talent management system primarily for the modeling industry.

Public Affairs Officer : Naval Sea Cadets, US Navy League - [2007-01 to Current]
The Department of the Navy requested the Navy League of the United States to establish a program for American youth. The Navy League agreed to do so and formally established the Naval Sea Cadet Corps (NSCC) and Navy League Cadet Corps (NLCC) in 1958. Recognizing the importance and benefits of the NSCC, Congress on September 10, 1962 federally incorporated the Naval Sea Cadet Corps under Public Law 87-655 (36 USC 1541).

While not officially a member of the NSCC, as a member of the US Navy League and as a member of the USCG, I donate some my time for this worthwhile organization. Currently assisting Region 3-4 comprising three units,, Liberty (AGTR5) in Farmingdale, NY, Iwo Jima in Teterboro, NJ and Jersey City, in Jersey City, NJ.

Vice President, Chief Information Officer & Board Member : Association for Rescue at Sea - [2005-01 to Current]
People who live and work along the world's coastlines have, for centuries, answered distress signals of those whose lives have been endangered on the sea. There is an affinity, an unspoken allegiance, among such individuals that has prompted immediate, almost instinctive response to trouble at sea.

In many countries around the world, the people who unselfishly and without hesitation risk their own lives to save others, are volunteers. Voluntary sea rescue organizations range in size from small services, such as Rescue 15 in Prince Rupert, B.C., Canada, with one craft, to the Royal National Lifeboat Institution of the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland, which operates a fleet of 290 boats from more than 200 lifeboat stations.

In 1976, to address the needs of rescue organizations around the world to raise funds, exchange information and provide co-operation, a group of American professional seamen and business men formed the Association for Rescue at Sea (AFRAS).

Chief Information Officer : United Safe Boating Institute - [2003-01 to Current]
The United Safe Boating Institute (USBI) is an alliance of non-profit organizations joined together to provide a public service through preparation and distribution of focused boating educational information, funded by grants and/or public, private and corporate contributions.

USBI puts out several pamphlets that are in high demand by recreational boaters. To reinforce their work, we have created both a web site, Twitter and Facebook presence on the web.

Part of the USBI Vessel Safety Check Data Collection program to determine feasibility and best practice to obtain Vessel Safety Check data to enable the Recreational Boating Community to focus in on areas that are deficient in recreational safety equipment and thus save lives by educating the boating public.

Executive Assistant to CG-BSX : United States Coast Guard - [2001-12 to Current]
As a member of the USCG Auxiliary, the uniformed volunteer component of the USCG, my duties are split between my augmentation role for CG-BSX-1, the Office of Auxiliary, which runs (program manager) the Auxiliary program for the Coast Guard and duties I perform directly as a member of the Auxiliary.

For CG-BSX-1 I as as their technical consultant and public face by maintaining the office's internet-based presence (i.e., website, Auxiliary-wide mailing list and the customer-service aspect to queries that come from the public via the USCG website.

For the Auxiliary, I do mostly Public Affairs billets as well as Training, where I have run training over 175 police officers in use of their mandated small boats over the last 10 years. After year 1, no officer had any boating experience. Some of my students were part of the massive response to Flight 1549, the US Airways jet that ended up in the Hudson River in January 2009. The incident became known as the "Miracle On The Hudson".

Chief Financial Officer : dna Model Management LLC - [2001-05 to 2011-01]
dna is one of the most prestigious modeling management agencies in New York City and worldwide.

Duties include all aspects of finance, accounting, banking and model relationships, vendor and employee contract negotiation, payroll, legal, administration, US VISA’s for foreign models (O-1 and H1-B) as well as telephone and information systems.

During my tenure sales went from $7M to $35 and retrenched 25% during the 2009-2010 economic downturn. We were able to survive, relocate (buildout a $800K office space) and add employees.

This multi-million dollar business has sustained 500% growth during my tenure. Managed dynamic cash flow issues that accompanies rapid growth while reducing all non-trade debt to zero. Enabled dna to maintain employee staffing levels during recent global recession while most of our competitors and clients reduced staffing levels.

Adjunct, Dept of Accounting & Economics : Lehman College, City University of NY - [1995-07 to 2005-09]
Taught Undergraduate and Graduate Courses in this metropolitan public college.

President & Chief Financial Officer : SBA * Consulting LTD - [1990-01 to Current]
"Growth is Good"

SBA * Consulting focus is a global based company providing CxOs (CFO, Supply Chain Management, Chief Marketing, Chief Information Offices and Human Resource consulting professionals, etc.. Our market-space now includes mid to large businesses.

We have over 60 Consultants who work with the SBA * Consulting and have experience in over 50 Practice Areas.

What makes us unique to the consulting market is our philosophy to identify the most troubling problems (chief complaint) via using comprehensive GAP Analysis techniques; then help solve these problems. We then assist our clients in implementing change, and empower employees to facilitate the GAP Analysis cycle themselves, without our direct on-site assistance; to discover new areas of improvements and implement the changes required to correct those problems. In other words, we are there to facilitate and teach the client, not take up residence.

MIS Director/Div Controller : TH Lehman/Self Powered Lighting - [1990-05 to 1992-05]
Responsible for all computer operations of this public company involved in managerial consultation. Controller for two subsidiaries, located in Westchester, New York and Northants, England. Report to Chief Financial/Executive Officer.
• Implemented Office Information Systems (OIS)
• Implemented Integrated Accounting, Distribution, and Manufacturing Systems.
• Installed Novell networks.
• Provided MIS support for ten (10) companies.
• Implemented Manufacturing Requirements Planning (MRP II)as well as Cost Accounting System

Transfered for year to parent company to do accounting/IT implementation projects of other subsidiaries.

Was brought back to Self Powered Lighting to bring them out of technical bankruptcy due to errors by both Purchasing Manager and the new Controller while preparing for launch of major new product line.




BS, Accounting : Pace University-New York