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GAP Analysis requires a comparison between the existing system(s) and/or process(es) and those that an organization aspires to achieve; this course will provide a "best practice" to achieve the goal of mapping current processes.

While mapping your business process sounds simple, it isn’t.  When you start to capture all the exceptions, buts and what-ifs of the policies, procedures, rules and processes you will find a cacophony of issues. Without a complete picture of HOW you do business (from the process side), how can you determine where you want to be in the improved business process 2.0 version?

In this course we provide you with a road map to finding the true process map(s), because many times there are multiple maps, not just if-then-else decision points.

Course Series

This course is included in the following series:

4 CoursesBusiness Processes and Systems

  1. Before You Buy That Accounting, ERP, or CRM System...
  2. How To Increase the ROI Of ERP System Implementations
  3. Business Process Mapping: A Prelude to System and Process GAP Analysis
  4. GAP Analysis: A Practical Approach

Learning Objectives

  • Identify of the key aspects to acquiring a new [accounting/ERP] system
  • Explore examples of what can go wrong when proper planning hasn’t been done.
  • Explore some of the key elements that both the accounting department as well as other stakeholders need to focus on and agree to; eliminating as many of the roadblocks as possible.
  • Explore how analysis of business process maps can assist in discovering bottlenecks and stovepipes
  • Explore how analysis of business process maps can be used as the basis for GAP Analysis for comparison to the ideal version of processes that an organization aspires to achieve.
Last updated/reviewed: April 25, 2018

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Good basic overview for those unfamiliar with the process.
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Interesting comparisons on planning and changing or making changes along the way.
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Good topic but too superficial approch. I expected more tools to use in my work.
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Very practical for these interested in process improvement.
Anonymous Author
excellent plan for decson making of all kinds
Anonymous Author
Good course with useful information
Anonymous Author
The course was very informative.
Anonymous Author
Interesting class!
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Course Complexity: Intermediate

No Advanced Preparation or Prerequisites are needed for this course. However, it is recommended to take the other courses in the series prior to completing this one.

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Course Syllabus
Introduction and Overview
Business Process Mapping
  14:27Business Process Review
  9:56Business Process Mapping
  6:05Business Process - GAP Analysis & Conclusion
  33:51Business Process Mapping: A Prelude to GAP Analysis
  PDFSlides: Business Process Mapping: A Prelude to GAP Analysis
  PDFBusiness Process Mapping: A Prelude to GAP Analysis Glossary/Index
  PDFSimplified GAP Analysis Template
  PPTProcess Flow PowerPoint Templates
  PDFHow to: Create Flow chart, provided by Microsoft Support
  SheetProcess Flow Template