Walter Edgar Instructor Information

Managing Principal

4S Advisors

  • Member since 2016

Walter is the Managing Principal of 4S Advisors who work with Boards and Leadership teams of Charities, Not for Profit Organisations and Associations to ensure that the organisation has a sustained future.

The  work involves strategy development, strategic planning and execution plus establishing secure finance, commercial and governance platforms.

Walter has over 40 years’ experience in the corporate world and the NFP sector in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Over the last 10 Walter has worked with many NFPs, as an executive at c-suite level, a consultant and Non-Executive Director.

Walter is a qualified management accountant (FCMA) and holds an MBA from the Manchester Business School. He is well known in the sector in the UK and Australasia and has published several articles in leading Association publications. 

The approach of using strategic management accounting to identify and solve the real business problems/opportunities is different to the traditional financial accounting view. We look at the organisation holistically using the proven framework of the Enterprise Performance Program (EPP).

The EPP framework identifies the current state and stability of the organisation along with the required action plan to move the organisation up the performance maturity pyramid to Sustainability.

The importance of knowing the organisation’s current state and stability is important to the many groups of stakeholders associated with an organisation. Stakeholders, including customers, members, staff, suppliers and owners all look to the organisation’s leaders to ensure that the organisation satisfies stakeholder responsibility of Survive, Supervise, Succeed and Sustain (4S). The adoption of the EPP framework ensures stakeholder responsibility is achieved.