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With nearly 20 years’ experience in both the public and private sectors, Victoria Gaulrapp is passionate about developing people through intentional, impactful communication. Once coined the “people whisperer” for her innate ability to connect with—and assist—colleagues from all segments of global organizations, she too has been on the side of the fence that begs the question: “Do I really need this training seminar?” In large part because of that universal sentiment and experience, Victoria uses her love of learning, teaching and helping others to offer a unique approach to “all things training.”

Victoria earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Hugh Downs School of Human Communication at Arizona State University. She has worked in a variety of industries and non-profit organizations, ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. As a trainer, speaker and facilitator, her experience includes the creation and implementation of leadership development coursework; seminars designed to better understand human behavioral styles and sessions to guide individuals on how best to present themselves and network in today’s ever-changing job market. She currently volunteers her time with The Mission Continues, a non-profit organization whose purpose is to empower veterans who are adjusting to life at home while finding purpose and making a direct impact on their local communities. When not directly working on service projects with The Mission Continues, she offers assistance advising veterans on their resumes and career-search skills.

To learn more about Victoria, visit www.linkedin.com/in/vgaulrapp or www.driveyourdevelopment.com