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Black Holes

Gary helps business leaders find the Million Dollar Blind Spot: Before It Finds You enabling sustainable profitable growth. He has helped over 200 middle market leaders who are tired of their organization being (1) a best kept secret, (2) stuck, or (3) coasting.

He specializes in helping leaders increase revenue profitably with less stress by
• uncovering million dollar blind spots in time to avoid costly mistakes and make the best business decisions;
• carrying out rigorous due diligence and risk assessment reviews, and
• partnering with them on critical fiscal and financial projects.

Gary has learned one thing from analyzing and helping hundreds of companies: "What You Don't Know About Your Business: Can Cost You Your Business" which can mean the difference between life and death, in your product, business, department, life or job.

Thankfully, there is a Fiscaldoctor in the building

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Virtual National Business Advisor : Goldman Sachs -10,000 Small Businesses - [2014-08 to Current]
Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses launched in 2009 as an investment to help entrepreneurs create jobs and economic opportunity by providing greater access to education, capital and business support services. Advisory Council includes Warren Buffett, Michael Bloomberg and Dr. Michael Porter of Harvard Business School. With the launch of 10,000 Small Businesses at Babson College, the National Cohort, business owners from all 50 states now have the opportunity to participate in the program. The National Cohort is delivered directly through Babson College, the curriculum designer for all 10,000 Small Businesses sites. This program connects small business owners with a nationally-sourced class of peers for 12 weeks of practical business education.

Profitable Growth Expert and Speaker : FiscalDoctor Inc - [1997-10 to Current]
Gary specializes in helping leaders avoid costly problems and increase profits by uncovering million dollar blind spot to make better business decisions, carrying out rigorous due diligence and strategic enterprise risk management reviews, and partnering with them on critical fiscal and financial projects,such as: financial risk management, risk assessment, and risk taking overviews Ranging from serving as interim CFO at FairMarket - a NASDAQ high tech Internet company acquired by eBay - directed accounting, finance, human resources, facilities, and legal departments, for a $230 million holding company with 5 lines of business in 25 states Collego (acquired by MRO, acquired by IBM), and Luz II (BrightSource Energy). Business risk profiles, enterprise wide risk management, operational assessments, OPR, change management, and due diligence reviews.

CTO and Project Director : Robertson CECO - [1991-10 to 1994-05]
Three-year assignment as Project Officer in the U.K. ((H H Robertson (UK) $150 million Fortune 500 subsidiary of Robertson CECO)) of worldwide pilot. Planned, staffed, budgeting and directed a series of reengineering projects throughout manufacturing, sales and distribution. Training responsibility for 90 permanent employees. — Directed plant migration from mainframe to AS/400. Designated a Premiere Site and selected as one of three worldwide J. D. Edwards’ best test sites for its new dimensional software. — Implemented TQM and MRP II upgrade, and prepared for BS 5750 / ISO 9000 certification.



MBA, Finance, Operations, Small Business : Stanford Graduate School of Business (at Stanford University ) - [1969 to 1971]

BBA, Accounting : University of Mississippi School of Business Administration (at University of Mississippi ) - [1965 to 1969]