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In this course we discuss the basics of getting projects approved with some related comments to help them run more successfully in terms of obtaining and maintaining sponsor or C-Level support. We start with a brief overview of a Capital Expenditures (CAPEX) process explained as a more user friendly best practices Million Dollar Initiative process.

This leads to a conversation about heat maps and prioritization of scarce resources through the CAPEX process. Then we work through an example of the emotional aspects of how the C-Suite finalizes the decision making process of funding requested projects.

Then we enhance the value of this process by exploring a series of Dos and Don’ts. Dos in the forms of 5 key tactics and Don’ts in the form of 5 myths which you can hear when this process could be better executed. Think of this as a feedback mechanism to get immediate feedback for course correction if needed.

This has widespread implications for when you work with other functional areas on obtaining financing and support for projects crucial to their strategy and operations. Which projects or requests will have a higher rate of approval with adequate funding to ensure success when you better understand CAPEX?

This course serves as review for accounting and finance professionals who need to sharpen their fundamental understanding of core CAPEX and how it translates into the accounting and financial concepts we use to run companies.

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize the value of “changing your language” relative to major project approval and execution.
  • Explore how to become more of a go-to resource for functional business leaders needing project approval and funding for their key initiatives.
  • Explore best practices (including secret encrypted password and handshake) of getting C Suite approval and buy in.
  • Discover a more user friendly version and description to supplement most CAPEX processes.
  • Explore five tactical steps which will strengthen your ability to resolve the key issue(s) you yourself will learn to identify. 
Last updated/reviewed: June 26, 2021

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Anonymous Author
This course provided a helpful overview of the strategic framework for garnering executive alignment on organizational initiatives. I particularly enjoyed the section on organizational blind spots as these areas are often overlooked. The instructor was engaging and provided good supporting materials.
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Presentation had great content with numerous resources to help you learn. I was thrilled with the sense of humor! Very rare.
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OK. Useful points, but not enough content to justify the amount of time spent on the course. Tests were not challenging.
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This course was insightful and offered good resource materials. The speaker was funny and pleasant to listen to.
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The exam questions were worded in double negatives. Other than that the course was good.
Anonymous Author
The course provided great examples and practical steps in gaining executive buy-in
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Enjoyed this course, thought it was very informative on how to influence!


Course Complexity: Intermediate

No Advanced Preparation or Prerequisites are needed for this course. 

Please review your organization’s Capital Expenditure Request (CAPEX) or other named process for requesting, reviewing, and approval process, plus whatever monitoring and follow-up processes exist before you begin the video section of the course.

Education Provider Information

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Course Syllabus
Getting C Suite Engagement & Support
  2:40The Story
  6:46Discussion and Framework
  9:31Million Dollar(s) Initiative
  4:42Strategic Framework Decisions
Blind Spots, Issues, and Misconceptions
  10:275 Common Major Blindspots
  5:05During and Heat Map
  8:11C-Suite 4 Key Issues and Emotion
  6:42Common Misconceptions
  4:01Bonus Material
  1:16:30Getting C Suite Engagement (& Support) for …. Initiatives
  PDFSlides: Getting C Suite Engagement (& Support) for …. Initiatives
  PDFGetting C Suite Engagement (& Support) for …. Initiatives Glossary/Index