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How well prepared are you to improve corporate governance in an era of heightened liability, excuses and assigning blame, after the fact?

Many business leaders focus diligently on their company’s small, visible details only to be blindsided by monumental and far more impactful events they didn’t see coming such as loss of a key customer, departure of a key employee, or harmful assault by a close competitor.  As part of the risk management process, it is imperative for management to understand the magnitude of these risks in pursuit of their business objectives, and how the organization's products and offerings can be mapped to these risks.

This course is geared both for someone at an organization setting up the basics of enterprise risk management (ERM) on a limited budget and someone who wants to improve strategic and operational benefits to extract more value from an established ERM program, contingency planning process, business continuity plan or risk department.  

Learning Objectives

  • Explore reasons non accounting or risk professionals should see value in an enterprise risk management program
  • Recognize the existence of basic fundamentals of your risk compliance program or equivalent program
  • Discover strategic framework decisions that need re-evaluation

Last updated/reviewed: June 28, 2021

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Instructor does a good job of breaking down into bite-size pieces the strategic/operational aspect of ERM. On the other hand, brief explanations for American English expressions such as "175-pound gorilla" would make the presentation easier to follow for those from non-US cultural backgrounds.
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I found the course to be very general and lacking in valuable and actionable takeaways. It was slow-moving and repetitive. It would benefit from adding more examples than just the TravelPro incident. A mini case study should be a consideration.
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I thought this course started somewhat weak but finished strong with the proactive, tactics and key takeaways sections.
Anonymous Author
Material was to the point and relevant to the student


Course Complexity: Intermediate

No Advanced Preparation or Prerequisites are needed for this course. 

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Course Syllabus
Enterprise Risk Management Basics
  3:14Lets Discuss Today
  8:00Fundamental Steps of ERM
  2:44One Change
  5:26What to Know Summary
  5:40ERM and Risk
  5:06Heat Map
  8:37Balance Sheet and Non Financial
  3:52Misconceptions and Miscommunication
  2:54Key Takeaways
  2:10Bonus and Conclusion
Continuous Play
  1:00:47Evaluate the Basics and Effectiveness of Your ERM Program
  PDFSlides: Evaluate the Basics and Effectiveness of Your ERM Program
  PDFEvaluate the Basics and Effectiveness of Your ERM Program Glossary/Index