Introduction to Financial Accounting

This series provides a thorough introduction to critical principles and processes of financial accounting.

This series provides an introductory examination of the core principles and processes of financial accounting. Included are such topics as:

• The accounting cycle (transaction analysis, adjustments, closing)
• Buying and selling inventory
• Costing inventory
• Internal controls and cash
• Receivables
• Fixed assets and depreciation
• Financial statements: Income statement, Statement of retained earnings, Balance Sheet, and Statement of cash flows

The method of instruction is a combination of lecture and exercises we work through together. Also included in the course is a workbook that has problems to work through (answers in the back) as a way to practice practice practice!

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These courses are now available via a subscription

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Why should I consider using Illumeo for Educators?

In essence, the Illumeo for Educators program provides tools for both students and professors to create a more engaging learning experience. By providing in-depth lecture and discussion, real world case studies, and hands-on activities, Illumeo for Educators provides an excellent opportunity to turn the lecture hall into an interactive learning lab.

What is the background of the instructors?

All of our the instructors are college professors, with degrees ranging from M.B.A. to Ph.D. In addition, they all have years of experience in their respective fields, meaning they can offer both expertise in the classroom as well as in the professional world.

Is this a replacement for a college textbook?

Not necessarily, but we anticipate that professors will tailor the use of Illumeo for Educators to fit the needs of their respective classes. The program is certainly more cost effective than most textbooks and uses voice-over PowerPoint video presentations that focus on in-depth knowledge acquisition from experts.