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Accounting Courses for the Real World

Accounting is incredibly broad. Ask any CPA and they will tell you that they use a very small part of what they learned to become a CPA because small companies don't have complex, far-reaching accounting, and large companies have accounting done by hundreds of professionals, not just one person. Thus, it's critical when delivering accounting education to provide courses for the people living it.

Illumeo's massive accounting library is full of courses that help you dive in and focus on your area of accounting, with courses built by long-time auditors and corporate accountants. You don't need to boil the ocean, you need to learn actionable, specific insights and methods from those who have been there. We help you do that.

And if you need CPE, we have CPE for CPAs and over 20 other professional certifications. Illumeo has over 1,000 hours of CPE courses, and if you hold multiple certifications, you get all the hours you are due for any course. Thus, if you are a CPA/CIA/CFE and you take a courses that has CPE for all three certifications, you just earned CPE in all three areas. And we make CPE reporting incredibly simple, with unified CPE reporting. You'll love it!


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