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A sales vision, unlike the CEO’s corporate vision, is a realistic, detailed strategy to drive the sales team. It starts with the sales manager (sales leader) looking at the sales team’s capability, performance, the marketplace and competition, to create a realistic vision (mission) such as “Become best district in company” or “Achieve quota for all products”. As the vision takes shape, it becomes a team vision that is long-term – often 6-12 months, uniting the sales team in a common, challenging mission.

The only way to make the vision doable is to start by searching the key opportunities, getting input from the sales team and others. Once determined, the sales manager graduates to become a “sales leader” by creating a strategic plan: Vision, Goal(s), Strategy(s), Tactics to support the vision. The Visiplan (your strategic planning tool) is launched with the sales team and supporters. It must be constantly communicated with reminders, short-term progress and achievements.

Regardless if you are a salesperson pursuing a management position or a sales manager interested in becoming more of a sales leader, this course is both unique and invaluable. It helps generate “followers” that every leader needs and, most importantly, creates sales results.

Course Series

This course is included in the following series:

2 CoursesSales Leadership

  1. Sales Leadership 1 – Creating a Sales Vision
  2. Sales Leadership 2 – Influencing and Motivating the Sales Team

Learning Objectives

  • Discover the importance of a sales vision to improve results and leadership.
  • Explore methods to create a vision and strategic plan for the sales team.
  • Identify how to reinforce and sustain the sales vision with constant follow-up and communication.
Last updated/reviewed: May 23, 2022

Included In Certifications

This course is included in the following Certification Programs:

8 CoursesPorter Henry Sales Manager Certification

  1. Sales Coaching for Results
  2. Virtual Sales Coaching
  3. Counseling for Improved Sales Performance
  4. Managing Sales Performance
  5. Optimizing the Sales Manager’s Time to Achieve Priorities – Allocating/Saving Time for Top Priorities and Efficiency
  6. Recruiting and Selecting Sales Stars
  7. Sales Leadership 1 – Creating a Sales Vision
  8. Sales Leadership 2 – Influencing and Motivating the Sales Team


Course Complexity: Intermediate

There is advanced preparation required. You can download a valuable Vision/Risk Indicator that will help to assess your current sales leader abilities.  During the course, you will learn how to score your input.  You will also be able to download a Visiplan strategic plan and a sample (completed Visiplan). 

Education Provider Information

Illumeo, Inc., 75 East Santa Clara St., Suite 1215, San Jose, CA 95113
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Course Syllabus
  2:04Introduction to Sales Leadership 1 - Creating a Sales Vision
  8:01Sales Leadership Defined
  8:35Sales Vision
  10:18Strategic Planning to Lauch the Sales Vision
  11:29Sample Visiplans 1-4 and Vision/Risk Indicator
  48:24Sales Leadership 1 – Influencing and Motivating the Sales Team
  PDFSlides: Influencing and Motivating the Sales Team
  PDFInfluencing and Motivating the Sales Team Glossary/Index
  PDFSample Completed VisiPlan
  DOCXSample Blank VisiPlan
  PDFVision/Risk Indicator