The sales funnel is a tool that has the most influence on the one thing that as a salesperson you are most judged on every year – achieving your quota. 

This course provides the fundamentals of how to begin using the sales funnel.  We explain how a sales funnel works, what a sales funnel process is made of, and how to use the funnel to improve your sales effectiveness and overall productivity.

Course Series

This course is included in the following series:

3 CoursesSales Funnel Training

  1. The Sales Funnel: Getting Started
  2. The Sales Funnel: The Secret to Making It Work!
  3. The Sales Funnel: The Best Time Management Tool Ever!
Learning Objectives
  • Discover why a sales funnel is so important to sales success year after year
  • Explore what funnel stages are and recognize how they make your sales funnel work
  • Discover how the sales funnel and selling time are linked
  • Identify the 5 parts of every net new sales opportunity on your funnel
  • Identify 3 parts of a sales funnel process



Last updated/reviewed: March 23, 2024
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A good overview of the sales funnel or pipeline and why it is relevant. Particularly when trying to introduce reps to a CRM or management tool, this is a good place to start with the "why" of it.

Course Complexity: Foundational

This course is appropriate for:

All salespeople of any experience that have never been trained in a sales funnel course. 

Non-sales executives such as marketing or finance who wish to understand better how a sales funnel is used to achieve quota. 


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Course Syllabus
  Introduction to The Sales Funnel: Getting Started1:43
  Why The Sales Funnel?6:35
  What is a Sales Funnel?5:22
  What is a Sales Funnel Process 9:01
Continuous Play
  The Sales Funnel: Getting Started 22:41
  Slides: The Sales Funnel: Getting StartedPDF
  The Sales Funnel: Getting Started Glossary/IndexPDF