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Many salesforces today experience a high turnover, often 20-25% annually, costing around $250,000 to replace each salesperson. While sales training, products, culture, and marketing affect retention and success, the ultimate failure is often recruiting and selecting the wrong person.

Human Resources and other staff members may be on the recruiting/selection team but the sales manager has the final responsibility for the selection. Without comprehensive training, the sales manager is prone to a multitude of mistakes: not interviewing enough qualified candidates, taking shortcuts to fill a territory, missing red flags, failing to do an in-depth series of interviews, etc. Selling successfully requires a unique set of skills, behaviors, motivation, and this course provides tools and learning for the sales manager to dig deep and make the right decision.

In this course, you learn how to develop a recruiting/selection campaign utilizing a proven selection process for salespeople. The Porter Henry process includes critical steps like: recruiting by the numbers, screening in desirable candidates, planning in-depth interviews using a unique 4-step behavioral questioning process, comparing finalists, and validating your choice with failsafe techniques. 

Learning Objectives

  • Identify effective process, techniques and tools for selecting salespeople.
  • Explore methods to evaluate and hire high-potential salespeople.
  • Discover how to reduce sales turnover through recruiting and selection.
Last updated/reviewed: May 6, 2022

Included In Certifications

This course is included in the following Certification Programs:

8 CoursesPorter Henry Sales Manager Certification

  1. Sales Coaching for Results
  2. Virtual Sales Coaching
  3. Counseling for Improved Sales Performance
  4. Managing Sales Performance
  5. Optimizing the Sales Manager’s Time to Achieve Priorities – Allocating/Saving Time for Top Priorities and Efficiency
  6. Recruiting and Selecting Sales Stars
  7. Sales Leadership 1 – Creating a Sales Vision
  8. Sales Leadership 2 – Influencing and Motivating the Sales Team


Course Complexity: Intermediate

We recommend you download an Interview Planner and a Comparison Guide for Finalists, both effective selection tools that will be covered during this course. We also recommend that you complete the related management course, Managing Sales Performance, which will help you review and define expectations for new and existing hires.

Education Provider Information

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Course Syllabus
  9:38Introduction to Recruiting: Selecting Sale Stars
Recruiting and Selecting Sales Stars
  3:45Effective Recruiting
  7:33Screening-In the Most Desirable Candidates
  11:47Planning the In-Depth Interview
  3:52Conducting the Interview
  5:25Completing the Hiring Process
  46:59Recruiting and Selecting Sales Stars
  PDFSlides: Recruiting and Selecting Sales Stars
  PDFRecruiting and Selecting Sales Stars Glossary/Index
  DOCXInterview Planner
  DOCXDecision Matrix - Selecting The Best Candidate Tool
  DOCXTelephone Screening Tool