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The world is sadly devoid of ethical leaders. Everyday news headlines chronicle the failure of our leaders to successfully tackle the most challenging issues of our time: climate change, racism, economic, health, injustice… However, there are a few leaders that embody ethical principles that stand out above the rest and in doing so, have shined a light on the realm of the possible.

These ethical leadership traits contrast against the all-too-common behaviors of amoral and immoral leaders. Examples of ethical leadership gives the world hope for a better tomorrow, the all too common opposite types of leaders offend and undermine realizing a better world. You will learn the five ethical principles of leaders living the world today. You will also observe the amoral and immoral behaviors that unwittingly undermine leaders living in the world today.

Learning Objectives

  • Discover and discuss the role ethics plays in leadership in the broader world.
  • Identify the five principles that define ethical leadership in the broader world from other forms of leadership.
  • Identify amoral and immoral behaviors that undermine leadership in the broader world.
Last updated/reviewed: June 18, 2021

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Anonymous Author
Very thought-provoking course. In the summary section, both instructors mentioned the Scott Tucker and Elizabeth Holmes examples. It appears that these two case studies were deleted from this course. These two instructors are highly effective in delivering this material. I will look for other course offerings sponsored by these two professionals.
Anonymous Author
This course is relatively political for accounting and finance professionals. Giving a few examples of politicians or politically linked business leaders isn't necessarily the best way to present ethical issues. Climate change also isn't necessarily an imminent concern for accounting and finance professionals.
Anonymous Author
It wasn't boring! A few more examples of ethical leaders versus non would have been nice. We all know Rex Tillerson isn't good but it's much harder with all those gray-area people.
Anonymous Author
This course did a really nice job with individual case studies and footage of historical figures to illustrate the contrasts in leadership.
Anonymous Author
Thanks for a good overview of helpful concepts. This is a course.


Course Complexity: Foundational

No advanced preparation or prerequisite education required for this course.
Prerequisite Experience: Managerial experience.

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Course Syllabus
  1:45Introduction to Principles of Ethical Leadership
  2:09Welcome Message
Principles of Ethical Leadership in the World
  7:40Jacinda Ardern
  13:32Rex Tillerson
  11:44World Principles
  45:25Principles of Ethical Leadership in The World
  PDFSlides: Principles of Ethical Leadership in the World
  PDFPrinciples of Ethical Leadership in the World Glossary/ Index
  XLSXWorkbook: Principles Behaviors Matrix