In this course, we conclude our PivotTable discussion by examining various ways to present report values, discussing the subtlety of properly sorting a recurring-use PivotTable, and covering numerous filtering options, including slicers.

Next, we explore the lookup function designed specifically to retrieve values from PivotTables. The course concludes by transitioning to data acquisition techniques, and we’ll retrieve data, including stock quotes, from perhaps the largest external data source of all, the World Wide Web.

Course Series

This course is included in the following series:

4 CoursesPivotTable Essentials

  1. PivotTable Essentials
  2. How to Use PivotTables instead of Formula-Based Reports
  3. PivotTable Conclusion and External Data Introduction
  4. Using PivotTables and PivotCharts to Prepare External Data
Learning Objectives
  •  Explore the process for displaying PivotTable report values as a percentage of the report total.
  •  Identify the default sort order of a PivotTable.
  •  Discover three ways to filter a PivotTable report.
Last updated/reviewed: March 20, 2024

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9 CoursesExcel for Professional Applications Certification

  1. Excel Shortcuts Training: 5 Top Productivity Boosting Shortcuts
  2. Excel Training: Skills for Better Workbook Design
  3. Excel Training: Boosting Proficiency with Selected Shortcuts (PC Version)
  4. Excel Training: Mastering Fundamental Functions - IFERROR, IF, List Comparisons and More
  5. Excel Training: Tips for Improving Data Validation, Error Checking, Reporting and Other Performance Obstructions
  6. PivotTable Essentials
  7. How to Use PivotTables instead of Formula-Based Reports
  8. PivotTable Conclusion and External Data Introduction
  9. Using PivotTables and PivotCharts to Prepare External Data
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Member's Profile
My own Excel skills are probably more advanced than this course intended, so 80% of it was simple review. I mostly was after the last two parts regarding external data where there was opportunity for me to learn. Still, I can vouch for the lecturer's knowledge and for his excellent practices in setting up his sheets. He emphasizes some design practices that are too often not followed by most people in creating spreadsheets which lead to big messes when not followed. If nothing else, you can learn some best practices here for good design. His lecturing style is excellent. Examples are terrific for teaching the particular skill.

Anonymous Author
I found this to be one of Jeff's more challenging Excel classes. I recommend pausing frequently and performing the tasks on the worksheets a few times before continuing to the next section. Overall, great class with super-clear explanations and plenty of opportunities to work through the concepts on the included worksheets.

Member's Profile
I loved learning all the ways to use pivot tables. I was surprised at how useful timelines and slicers can be with report connections. I recommend this course for anyone interested in pivot tables.

Anonymous Author
Learned a lot from the course! I liked it and appreciate the chance to take the course from Excel University. Content, presentation and speed of the course is the best.

Anonymous Author
Great course for further understanding of Pivot Tables. Will require more than budgeted time. Working the examples is key to mastering the content.

Member's Profile
A hybrid of basic pivot table functionality and more esoteric external data capabilities. The real value is in chapter 21.

Anonymous Author
This course added nicely to the preceding courses and explored topics that will be of use without getting too complex.

Anonymous Author
A lot of information to cover. In depth information on pivot tables. Took me longer to get through this one than most.

Member's Profile
This class covered a lot of information in a short time. It will take practice to use the information in my daily work.

Member's Profile
Sorting, filtering instructions for Pivot tables and introduces pulling web data into excel. I’ve learned so much!

Anonymous Author
Good thorough walkthrough of various PivotTable options in Excel, with great examples that you can do yourself.

Anonymous Author
Very good presentation. I can use this knowledge to build my Pivot Table reports.

Anonymous Author
Very good information that I will use daily in my job!

Course Complexity: Advanced

No Advanced Preparation or Prerequisites are needed for this course. However, it is recommended to take the other courses in the series prior to completing this one.

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Course Syllabus
  Chapter 17: Show Values As9:31
  Chapter 18: Sorting17:52
  Chapter 19: Filtering16:48
  Chapter 20: Hybrid Reports with GETPIVOTDATA12:32
  Chapter 21: Web Data Part 118:56
  Chapter 21: Web Data Part 26:31
  Slides: PivotTable Conclusion and External Data IntroductionZIP
  PivotTable Conclusion and External Data Introduction GlossaryPDF
  Review Questions quiz
 Final Examexam