There are three styles for managing a territory: crisis, milk route, or priority. Priority is the clearcut winner for territory management since it enables the salesperson to allocate effort where he or she will get the best payback.

Priority territory management identifies those accounts with the best potential and opportunity for success so the salespeople can use frequency of contact as a important tool for successful selling. It requires an assessment of each account, not only of its business and potential, but equally important, the salesperson’s probability of success. It considers factors like competition, access to decision-makers, relationship, and proximity. Ultimately, this course will help you sort your accounts into categories for sales call frequency and optimize your chances for success.  

Related to overall planning and management is how daily sales time is utilized. Ten methods for managing time and controlling time-killers are covered so that the time saved can be easily channeled into productive actions such as more time in front of customers and prospects. While sales skills, covered in our other courses, are also essential, managing the territory and time create a foundation for winning sales skills.

Learning Objectives
  • Discover a method to allocate sales calls according to yield (expected value of account) 
  • Explore how to sort accounts into categories in order to determine effective call frequencies  
  • Identify ten effective time-management techniques
Last updated/reviewed: August 27, 2023

Included In Certifications

This course is included in the following Certification Programs:

8 CoursesPorter Henry Salesperson Certification

  1. Consultative Selling Success – Employ an Exclusive Sales Process to Improve Performance
  2. Leveraging Objections to Gain Commitment – Objections Are an Asset, Not a Liability
  3. Prospecting by Phone, Email and Social Media
  4. Managing Your Time and Territory – Two Critical Routes to Sales Success
  5. Strategic Multi-Level Selling – The Ultimate Solution for Selling High, Wide, and Deep in Complex Accounts
  6. Value-Driven Selling
  7. Win-Win Sales Negotiating Strategy and Tactics
  8. Win-Win Sales Negotiating: How to Balance Offers and Maintain Relationships
Course Complexity: Intermediate

It is recommended that you also complete the related course: “Consultative Selling Success" prior to taking this course.

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Course Syllabus
  Introduction to Managing Your Time and Territory2:19
  Time Quadrants3:52
  Call Allocation5:16
  Time - Killers4:25
  Managing Your Time and Territory 24:06
  Slides: Managing Your Time and Territory – Two Critical Routes to Sales SuccessPDF
  Managing Your Time and Territory – Two Critical Routes to Sales Success Glossary/IndexPDF