2020 was a unique year for all aspects of the business. One thing it showed us was the importance of understanding the role of management and executing the process while understanding the workplace is made up of individuals of all generations, cultures, and moral values. We have seen how expectations of millennials vs. "the older" generation can vary dramatically. Attitudes and reactions to simple, day-to-day management instruction can be interpreted in numerous ways. And expectations for work output can be varied.

Whether you have held a management position for several years, or are just transitioning to a role that requires you to manage other individuals, you will find that becoming and remaining a good manager is often as much art as science.

This is the second course in a two-part series that is designed to help both new managers and experienced managers excel in their roles. This session focuses on techniques and concepts managers need to understand when working in today’s multi-generational and cultural workforce in a multi-dimensional work environment.

Who Should Attend Accounting, Finance, Treasury professionals; Internal auditors; Professionals considering the role of internal audit; Executive management; Board members and Audit Committee members; Legal and Compliance professionals; and All professionals in a corporate or private setting.

Topics Covered

  • Help both new managers and experienced managers excel in their roles
  • Techniques and concepts managers need to understand when working in today's multi-generational and cultural workforce


Learning Objectives
  • Discover the challenges for today’s managers.
  • Explore the generational divide.
  • Identify the multi-generational and cultural workforce in the new normal.
  • Identify Baby boomers.
  • Identify Gen X.
  • Identify Gen Y.
  • Identify Gen Z.
  • Recognize breaking down barriers that may exist.
Last updated/reviewed: March 9, 2024
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Anonymous Author
Excellent presentation of the workforce generations. Great detailing of each generations characteristics and how they came to being. Very good examples of how to manage each generation respecting differences of each and who to manage collaboration between them. Excellent course of all workers whether managers or staff.

Member's Profile
Lynn, the generational divide is an important concept to understand when hiring. This class helps me to understand the challenges in how I must lead the different members on my Team. The biggest challenge is in group meetings and in Team building. This course is very helpful. Thank you, Larry

Member's Profile
Well thought-out content and presentation. Periodic mis-spell and various fonts made it seem less professional and the course was prepared on the fly with heavy Covid-19/Zoom fatigue :)

Member's Profile
The course provided an in depth look at all of the different types of workers in a work force. It offered helpful considerations for creating a stronger team.

Member's Profile
Lynn always has well researched instruction. Appreciated the challenge of thinking through those in my organization and how I can better manage them.

Member's Profile
great summary of all generations, this training should be taken by any person interested to learn differences among generations.

Anonymous Author
This was a really interesting course explaining the different generations and how to manage each.

Course Complexity: Foundational

No advanced preparation or prerequisites are required for this course. However it is recommended to take this course also Become An Effective Leader in the New Normal

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Instructor for this course
Course Syllabus
  Introduction to Managing Cultural and Generational Variance in the New Normal6:15
  Generational Divide9:02
  Generational Workforce6:14
  Managing Baby Boomers14:58
  Gen X6:54
  Gen Y14:06
  Gen Z11:00
  Gen Z Cont'd12:33
  Other Generational Management Variances13:17
  Cultural Variance and Managing Culture7:24
  The Future3:59
  Managing Cultural and Generational Variance in the New Normal1:53:54
  Slides: Managing Cultural and Generational Variances in the New NormalPDF
  Managing Cultural and Generational Variances in the New Normal Glossary/ IndexPDF