In today’s volatile economic environment and business world, the art of managing has taken on a new meaning. Remote work, co-sourcing, and alternating working arrangements have made the task of managing more complex. Management has never been easy. Even with hundreds of available resources, being in a management role can feel like stepping off a cliff with no lifeline when you are unprepared.

Now, more than ever, managers are responsible for the well-being, production, and success of a team of people. This can be daunting if anything goes wrong or when change abruptly hits. What sets the great boss apart from the average boss? What do great managers actually do?

Whether you have held a management position for several years or are just transitioning to a management role, you will find that becoming and remaining a good manager is often an art rather than a science.

This session explores the goals and traits of managers, as well as how to make the transition to manager. We will first focus on the special requirement created by the new normal. We will end with the best practice skills and traits identified through research as long-term manager traits.

Learning Objectives
  • Discover how the ”new normal” has impacted management.
  • Explore and examine the concept of a “playbook”.
  • Identify the definition of a good and great leader and how to assess your own skills.
  • Identify the traits and skills that make a good manager in the new normal.
  • Explore and examine how to turn good managers into great managers.
  • Explore must-have qualities for being a great manager.
  • Recognize and understand how the changing workforce impacts how good and great managers can execute their traits and skills.
Last updated/reviewed: August 23, 2023
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Anonymous Author
This is an interesting take on the world in business as it is changing and will continue to change. Lynn discusses the many issues managers current face and will be facing and gives positive ways of improving our managerial skills.

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Lynn, You did a great job with this course. I got 100%. How lucky I am to have your courses as my go to courses when my CPE cycle rolls around. Your courses are the best on Illumeo ! As always, many thanks, Larry

Anonymous Author
Good course. Covered relevant issues and challenges that surfaced during the pandemic. I would love to see an update for the post-pandemic "norm".

Anonymous Author
Times are changing and managers need to change as well. This course was a good starting point to start changing the old mindsets.

Anonymous Author
This was a great course to understand what we've been through and how to be ready for what the future may hold for managers.

Anonymous Author
The information in this course was presented in a clear and concise manner.

Anonymous Author
Good overview of how management and leadership has changed since covid19

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very good course, good presentation and pertinent information

Course Complexity: Foundational

No advanced preparation or prerequisites are required for this course.

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Course Syllabus
  Introduction to Become An Effective Leader in the New Normal4:53
  Management in The New Normal14:43
  Management in The New Normal Cont'd16:54
  The Playbook16:59
  Traits and Skills of a Good Leader in the New Normal4:38
  Features of Adaptability10:47
  Features of Adaptability Cont'd9:06
  Creativity, Confidence and Optimism10:30
  Turning Good Managers into Great Managers14:04
  Evaluating Traits8:28
  Personal Goals of a Good Great Leader2:01
  Summary 1:17
  Become an Effective Leader in the New Normal2:06:16
  Slides: Become An Effective Leader in the New NormalPDF
  Become An Effective Leader in the New Normal Glossary/ IndexPDF