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This course is intended to be an introduction for people new to contracts, and a guide for more experienced users, to common types of liability clauses in contracts.  The course begins with a brief overview of what is involved in a contract, and where liability clauses come into play.  We then do a deep dive into some of the more important liability clauses, such as Warranty and Indemnification.  The course closes with special-case examples of clauses that may appear, and describes potential meanings and impacts.  Finally, a brief review of common errors in contract drafting is presented.

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize the implications/interactions of liability and related contract clauses.
  • Bolster your role in determining value managing risk for these non-deliverable-related clauses.
  • Be an informed consumer of legal counsel, so that you are more adept in guiding their advice to correspond to your business needs.
  • Be prepared to negotiate terms relative to your business needs, with increased competence in understanding the risk and value of particular items.
Last updated/reviewed: June 24, 2021

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definitely intermediate level. if you don't have a strong background, there will be a lot of new material here. poor recording of the speaker with a lot of static--painful to listen to. this could have been easily corrected with an audio program. poor slides. One slide per segment when there could have been 2 or 3 more for greater clarity and detail.
An extremely thorough review of Contracts and issues relating to contracts based on a CFO's perspective vs an Attorney's. I like the fact that an actual contract of a well known company is used as the basis for most of the examples.
Anonymous Author
Coverage of key contract terms, such as warranty, indemnification, etc., with suggestions. Usually spoken in terms of contracts with customers, rather than commercial contracts with suppliers.
Anonymous Author
Great summary of many contract clauses that I have routinely seen in contracts that I reviewed from a financial perspective. Always great to learn what these are saying (for non-lawyers).
Anonymous Author
The course reflected the inherent risks of not carefully reviewing and understanding the various terms of the contract. I particularly like the glossary and indemnification cheat sheet.
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Some of the terms were not new to me but the applied examples shed a light on the intent of using such terms in a clear pragmatic manner
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The use of Facebook's terms and conditions in the course was distracting. Facebook in one of the world's most vile companies.
Anonymous Author
The test questions were not clear. This surprised me. The slides are not enough to be used as reference material.
Anonymous Author
Overall a good course. The written content could be little more and reader friendly.
Anonymous Author
Lots of material covered, thanks for the great real-life stories, they always help.
Anonymous Author
Very confusing and boring if you don't have a legal background.
Anonymous Author
Good overview.


Course Complexity: Intermediate

Prerequisite: Exposure to legal principles and a basic familiarity with commercial or similar agreements.

Advanced Preparation: None


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Illumeo, Inc., 75 East Santa Clara St., Suite 1215, San Jose, CA 95113
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Course Syllabus
  10:01Breach and Cure
  9:12Term and Termination
  10:24Warranty Disclaimer
  8:38Warranty: Carving Back In
  13:10Indemnification Part 1
  13:31Indemnification Part 2
Wrap Up
Continuous Play
  1:34:36Contracts: Understanding and Negotiating Liability Clauses
  PDFSlides: Understanding and Negotiating Liability Clauses
  PDFGlossary/Index: Understanding and Negotiating Liability Clauses
  PDFIndemnification Cheat Sheet