Most salespeople fear objections and do their best to avoid or dodge them. Yet objections are a sign of interest and should be surfaced at every opportunity.  They come in different sizes and for different reasons, but in all cases, an objection or negative comment can only be capitalized on if it is explored in detail. After all, some objections are harmless, a few are hurdles to overcome, some are almost buying signals; sometimes objections are raised simply because the customer wants attention. There are bona fide obstacles that you may or may not have the products/services to solve or negotiate away -- discover how to handle the tough ones.

That’s why it is critical to explore every objection, and to dig deep to ensure your understanding. Tactful, in-depth questions help you: (1) make sure you have surfaced each hurdle; (2) define the objection or its source; and (3) provide an appropriate response.  Once resistance has been removed or overcome, gaining commitment or closing is a logical next step.

This course covers a variety of techniques for handling objections or resistance and a menu of closing techniques to help you gain commitment. While all sales skills are important and connected in the consultative selling process, leveraging objections and gaining commitment are often keys to winning the business.

Learning Objectives
  • Discover that objections are helpful and often lead to the sale.
  • Identify a variety of techniques to handle and leverage customer resistance.
  • Explore tactics to gain commitment and close the sale.
Last updated/reviewed: August 4, 2023

Included In Certifications

This course is included in the following Certification Programs:

8 CoursesPorter Henry Salesperson Certification

  1. Consultative Selling Success – Employ an Exclusive Sales Process to Improve Performance
  2. Leveraging Objections to Gain Commitment – Objections Are an Asset, Not a Liability
  3. Prospecting by Phone, Email and Social Media
  4. Managing Your Time and Territory – Two Critical Routes to Sales Success
  5. Strategic Multi-Level Selling – The Ultimate Solution for Selling High, Wide, and Deep in Complex Accounts
  6. Value-Driven Selling
  7. Win-Win Sales Negotiating Strategy and Tactics
  8. Win-Win Sales Negotiating: How to Balance Offers and Maintain Relationships
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Excellent course for all skill levels. Nicely presented.

Course Complexity: Intermediate

There is no prerequisite or advanced preparation required. It is recommended that participants complete a related course Consultative Selling Success.

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Course Syllabus
  Introduction to Leveraging Objections to Gain Commitment3:34
  Sales/Purchase Consultative Model5:33
  How to Leverage Objections to Gain Commitment5:07
  Gaining Commitment - Closing Techniques4:34
  Negotiating Tactics3:27
  Learning Objections to Gain Commitment22:15
  Slides: Leveraging Objections to Gain CommitmentPDF
  Leveraging Objections to Gain Commitment Glossary/IndexPDF