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A code of conduct is a vital organizational document. Breaches of ethics can land companies in serious trouble with consumers, other organizations or government authorities. Creating a code of conduct makes decision making easier at all levels of an organization. It reduces ambiguity and considerations of individual perspectives in ethical standards.

Code of conduct examples are easily found by searching the web. They extend from organization codes to professional codes. The biggest mistake any corporation can make is to replicate someone else’s code. These are the exact reasons we spent time going over the History of Ethics and the Psychology Behind Ethics.

A strong code of conduct must be established with the specific organization or profession in mind. Enron’s code of conduct is often touted as a strongly written code. How much good did it do them?

This course focuses on important concepts professionals should know and understand about codes of conduct.

Learning Objectives

• Explore reasons behind establishing a code of conduct.
• Identify important concepts for adequate codes.
• Recognize the benefits of codes of conduct.
• Explore model codes and examine how they link to ethical theories.
• Identify important code components.
• Identify how to develop your code.
• Explore how to personalize your code.

Last updated/reviewed: November 27, 2019

Included In Certifications

This course is included in the following Certification Programs:

15 CoursesEthical Leadership Certification

  1. History of Ethics
  2. Psychology Behind Ethics: Part 1
  3. Psychology Behind Ethics: Part 2
  4. COSO 2013 Control Environment Compliance
  5. Corporate Ethics
  6. Managing Through Corporate Politics - The Achilles’ Heel of Executing Professional Skepticism
  7. Real World Business Ethics Scenarios
  8. Relationship between Ethics, Morality, and the Law
  9. Impact of Ethics on Leadership
  10. Traits and Skills of the Ethical Leader
  11. Framework for Ethical Decision Making
  12. Keys to an Effective Code of Conduct
  13. Keys to Understanding Conflicts of Interest
  14. When The Whistle Blows Part 1: History, Regulations, and Concepts
  15. When The Whistle Blows Part 2: Managing Whistleblower Hotlines

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Member's Profile
A lot of the material is fairly obvious and the class proceeded slowly, but it was easy to follow. The instructor's communication skills are not great. Her criticism of some examples did not make sense. Overall the course was decent and informative.
Anonymous Author
I liked the thoroughness of this course, as well as the fact that the instructor kept me engaged. I would highly recommend this course for anyone that is thinking to write a Code of Conduct for their company
Anonymous Author
I enjoyed learning the benefits of personalizing the code of conduct and the importance of periodically reviewing and updating the code to reflect changes in the business environment.
Member's Profile
I thought that this was an outstanding course. The part that interested me the most is best practice for the code of conduct.
Anonymous Author
Overview of codes of conduct and how it applies to companies in facilitating conduct oriented decision making.
Anonymous Author
This course presented the concept of a code of conduct and the associated challenges in an informative manner.
Anonymous Author
Very helpful particularly to those who do not have an idea on how to develop a code of conduct from scratch.
Anonymous Author
Important topic for internal auditors preparing and revising their codes.
Member's Profile
This is good Course.I recommend all users to go through this course.
Anonymous Author
Effective trainer and good handouts. Thanks for the information
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The course was well done and gave several practical examples
Anonymous Author
well thought out and acceptable for cpe review purposes
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Great presentation!


Course Complexity: Intermediate

No Advanced Preparation or Prerequisites are needed for this course, but completion of the instructor's other courses on ethics may be helpful.

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Course Syllabus
  4:22Introduction to Key to an Effective Code of Conduct
Key to an Effective Code of Conduct
  6:28Types of Codes
  14:27Purpose Behind the Code of Conduct
  11:55Important Aspects for Codes
  11:21Benefits of Code of Conduct
  11:30Model Codes Part 1
  8:12Model Codes Part 2
  12:01Develop Your Code
  5:02Personalize Your Code
  1:27:27Key to an Effective Code of Conduct
  PDFSlides: Key to an Effective Code of Conduct
  PDFKey to an Effective Code of Conduct Glossary/Index