In a survey of businesses that used KPIs, 68% of respondents noticed a positive impact on their business development after implementing a KPI Framework. Further, 43% of respondents noted improvement, defined as being able to 'objectively evaluate the level of results achievement.*

A KPI dashboard cuts through the clutter of numbers so a company can monitor the most important measures of its success. Business leaders can quickly see if they need to make changes or celebrate successes. Each KPI helps assess whether the business is achieving its business strategy.

KPIs improve a company’s performance by increasing:

  • Focus
  • Clarity
  • Alignment
  • Speed of Feedback
  • Communication
  • Motivation
  • Performance

This course covers:

  • The benefits and roles of KPIs
  • How to pick a set of metrics
  • Setting targets
  • The components of a KPI dashboard
  • Pros and cons of using spreadsheets, data visualization software, or dashboard software
  • Sample dashboards and metric displays
  • The process of implementing KPIs
  • Tips for managing with KPIs
  • Pros and cons of using KPIs to set compensation

The instructor has developed KPIs and KPI dashboards for small entrepreneurs to a $2 billion company.

* From The State of Performance Improvement and Key Performance Indicator Practice Report by The KPI Institute.

Course Key Concepts: Key performance indicators, KPIs, Key performance indicator dashboards, Dashboards, KPI dashboards, Performance metrics, Performance measurement, Key metrics, Metrics, Business management.

Note: This course is also available in Text-based format.

Learning Objectives
  • Discover the benefits of KPIs and KPI dashboards.
  • Explore software options for building KPI dashboards.
  • Discover the characteristics of effective KPIs.
  • Explore the steps in implementing KPIs.
Last updated/reviewed: March 13, 2024
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Anonymous Author
Great presenter. Kept me engaged and he was very knowledgeable about the topic of KPIs. Course was thought invoking and I was able to apply the topics to my business throughout the presentation. Our next management meeting is going to be meaningful and productive.

Anonymous Author
A good introduction to KPIs. It was helpful to show the different examples of what a dashboard might look like. I will likely return to some of the examples when creating KPIs in the future.

Member's Profile
really enjoyed the course. Instructor presented materials very clearly albeit briskly. Recommend for anyone who needs to get involved with implementing KPIs or performance dashboards.

Member's Profile
Excellent course, highly recommend! As CFO of a small but growing company, this is a great education on improving current KPIs but also setting targets & getting employees on board.

Member's Profile
This course provides a good content and reminds us well of the importance of setting a relevant set of KPIs to pilot the performance of the company. Good presenter as well.

Member's Profile
I really liked this course. It provides a great way to step back and think about your KPIs and how to drive interest and adoption among staff. Highly recommend.

Anonymous Author
This course provides a thorough theoretical overview of KPIs accessible to users from executives to individual contributors of companies of all sizes.

Member's Profile
Wonderful source of information when putting together a new KPI program for a company. Very informative and excellent points to consider.

Member's Profile
Excellent content and presentation by presenter. The PowerPoint could have more pointers to make it easier to focus on important points.

Member's Profile
Excellent breakdown of the purpose of dashboards, pros and cons of targets and compensation impacts and the steps to create KPIs.

Anonymous Author
Excellent info to consider. Definitely be careful how you tie metrics to comp. Glad that was called out.

Anonymous Author
Great refresher on KPIs and how to best implement them. The deck and presentation were very well done.

Anonymous Author
Extensive review of KPIs that gives you an idea of pros and cons of using them in business.

Anonymous Author
The course provides a good conceptual framework for developing and managing KPIs.

Anonymous Author
This course was a great, quick review of KPIs. Engaging enough and relevant.

Anonymous Author
Good introduction to KPIs. Presenter is an effective communicator.

Course Complexity: Foundational

No advanced preparation or prerequisites are required for this course.

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Instructor for this course
Course Syllabus
  Introduction to Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and KPI Dashboards4:46
  The Basics and Benefits of KPIs6:06
  The Role of KPIs3:54
  Critical Success Factors4:10
  Types of Metrics5:50
  Measuring Metrics5:52
  Picking a Set of Metrics5:56
  Setting Targets5:12
  Periodic Targets4:54
  Should You Set Stretch Targets?3:52
  Purposes of a Dashboard4:05
  Dashboard Components4:09
  Communicating with Symbols3:06
  KPI Dashboard Software and Samples5:06
  Picking Metrics4:03
  Set Targets2:47
  Who Should See Dashboards and Metrics?2:43
  Rolling Out the KPI Dashboard4:21
  Ongoing Monitoring and Management3:41
  KPIs and Compensation2:10
  Key Takeaways2:08
  Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and KPI Dashboards1:28:07
  Slides: Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and KPI DashboardsPDF
  Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and KPI Dashboards Glossary/ IndexPDF