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Learn how to resolve collection issues with an overview of the qualifications for and benefits of each type of resolution, as well as a detailed guide to which resolutions offer the best outcome for each client.

This course covers the following topics:

  • How to get paid by clients in trouble.
  • What Information to Gather and How.
  • Understand the Statutes.
  • Evaluate your options.
  • Determine your strategy.
  • Set Plan of Attack.
  • Contact IRS & Set the stage.
  • Provide documentation.
  • Be Prepared to wait & educate your client.
  • Re-evaluate & Follow-up.


Learning Objectives
  • Discover how to get paid by clients in trouble.
  • Explore what Information to gather and how.
  • Identify how to understand the Statutes.
  • Recognize how to evaluate your options and determine your strategy.
  • Discover how to be prepared to wait & educate your client.
  • Explore how to re-evaluate & follow-up.
Last updated/reviewed: March 23, 2024

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  10. IRS Representation Series - Circular 230 Ethics and Updates
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This course is highly recommended for beginning tax resolution professionals.

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Well written and designed. Very informative! Nicely presented

Course Complexity: Foundational

IRS Practice Series: Overview of Collection Issues (or equivalent knowledge)

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Company: Illumeo, Inc., 75 East Santa Clara St., Suite 1215, San Jose, CA 95113
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Instructor for this course
Course Syllabus
  Introduction to Getting Organized to Resolve Collection Issues1:26
  Step-1: Collect Your Fee First4:52
  Step-2: Gather Information16:18
  Step-3: Understand the Statutes of Limitations11:20
  Step-3: Understand the Statutes of Limitations Cont'd10:00
  Step-4: Know and Evaluate Your Options15:45
  Options-Installment Agreement14:04
  Options-Currently not Collectible7:02
  Options-Offers in Compromise16:04
  Step 5-6: Discuss Options with Client and Determine Your Strategy 12:10
  Step 7-9: Contact IRS and Set the Stage and Provide Documentation5:58
  Step 10: Re Evaluate and Follow Up1:24
  IRS Representation Series - Getting Organized to Resolve Collection Issues2:02:16
  Slides: IRS Representation Series - Getting Organized to Resolve Collection IssuesPDF
  IRS Representation Series - Getting Organized to Resolve Collection Issues Glossary/ IndexPDF