Are you losing sales that you feel you deserve to make? Could you benefit from a competitive edge? Do you feel the sales presentations skills of your competition are better than yours? When your prospect compares you to your competition and everything else seems similar, your sales conversations and presentations make the difference.

The objective of How to Prepare and Present a Powerful Sales Presentation is to increase your effectiveness, persuasiveness, clarity, buy-in, and results. Developing consistently good speaking and presentation skills sets you apart from your competition. This course teaches sales professionals how good presentations become great. The techniques are all designed around getting buy-in for their ideas, dynamic openings, strong structure, emotional connection, memorable examples, and razor-sharp specificity.


Learning Objectives
  • Identify the number one secret of connecting to your prospects
  • Explore ways to connect intellectually and emotionally with every prospect
  • Explore how to structure your sales presentation around your prospect’s priorities
  • Discover ways to open and conclude every sales conversation and presentation with impact
  • Identify how to develop and dramatize an arsenal of stories and examples
  • Explore ways to add to your credibility through the power of specificity
  • Explore how to improve listener buy-in for your point of view
Last updated/reviewed: August 16, 2023
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The course was eye-opening, especially with the concept of connecting to your audience, emotionally versus intellectually. The course has value!

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Love the content. Although much of it is common sense, it's important to build presentations with these key methods in mind.

Anonymous Author
Good information that can be used in all aspects of business not just in sales presentations. Very helpful. Thank you.

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I was curious about this topic and wanted to get insight to it, which this course provided.

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this was a good class on how to prepare and present powerfule presentations

Anonymous Author
not much idea for this subject matter, but passed the exam, so I am happy

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Great instructor. Very happy to take the class and learned a lot

Course Complexity: Intermediate

No Advanced Preparation or Prerequisites are needed for this course. 

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Course Syllabus
  Introduction to How to Prepare and Present a Powerful Sales Presentation00:42
  Overview of How to Prepare and Present a Powerful Sales Presentation9:05
Prepare and Present Powerful Presentations
  The Key to Connection 7:51
  Opening Sales Structure 7:29
  Client Case Histories 7:22
  Edit to a Nub8:19
Continuous Play
  How to Prepare and Present a Powerful Sales Presentation Full Video40:49
  Slides: How to Prepare and Present Powerful PresentationsPDF
  How to Prepare and Present Powerful Presentations Glossary/IndexPDF
  8 Steps to Outstanding Sales StructurePDF
  10 Biggest Mistakes Sales Professionals Make in Their PresentationsPDF